Sunday, March 23, 2008


Saturday, went to BBK JJ to watch AH LONG.

After class, my parents picked me from class then went to JJ.
When we reached JJ, still got time, so we went to Popular to buy some stuff.

Then only went to the Cinema. My mom and I walked in first and my father follow behind us.
When we walked in, got few families of Malay people were walking in too.

After my mom and I walked in, I went to to toilet because I wanted to pee already.
Then my mom came into the toilet and say that the person don't let us go in.. WALAO!
My dad stay out side, the person ask for my IC but my dad say never bring.

But that fellow still don't care, dont let us in. walao.. damn palia lah!
My mom and I waited outside the cinema while my dad went to go the refund from the manager.

wah~~ lucky never get scolding from my dad man.
I keeep telling my parents all my friends also got through the man and went to watch the show. They just smile and say me very good , very good. Want to watch 18 PL show somemore lah..

After that, I also no mood already lah.. We went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Eat dinner also no mood.. haiz!

SO PALIA one.. got parents what.. cannot go in meh? walao!


Saturday, March 8, 2008



who do you think will win?

who who who?

Rocket has got alot of supporterss..
BN has lots of money..