Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiring Weekend.


6am - Woke up. Showered and got ready for school.
7am - Reach school.
9am - Start Telematch.
12pm - Finish Telematch. Went to eat served lunch.
12.30pm - got ready for basketball.
1pm - Basketball in KP
3pm - Went to aunt's house to shower.
4pm - Had tea break to fill up my Growling tummy.
5pm - Went for class.
6pm - Went to have claypot chicken rice in Berkeley.
7pm - Went to school for DMC talent competition night.
11.30pm - Got to go home.
12am - Reach home.
12.30am - Showered.
1am - Went to sleep.

7am - Wake up.
8am - Reach the Bride's house.
9am - Took some nice photos with my brothers SLR. hehee. finally he allowed me to touch it..xD
9.30am - Groom came one hour late and didn't let us have our fun. We were suppose to play trick on them but time was running late so all we could was skip some games.
10am - Tea ceremony
10.30am - Reach the Groom's house.
11am - Took photos.
11.30pm- Went back to the bride's house for lunch.
12pm - Went home
12.30pm - Showered and went to sleep.
1.30pm - Woke up to do some stuff.
3pm - Went for class.
4pm - Went to aunt house to wait for the dinner.
6pm - Went to pasar malam
7pm - Went for the dinner.
11pm - The dinner ended.
12pm - Went to bed.

8.30am - Woke up.
9am - Had breakfast and did homework.
10am - Get ready for school
11.30am - Sat the buss
12.30pm - Reach school.
7.30pm - Home sweet home.
9.00pm - Blogging.
Going to bed soon.
Good night.

My hectic weekend.
I'm so tired! Gosh~

DMC Talent Competition Night
It was nice! Being jealous of people with great talents.
The school was packed with people. The hall was fulll! I couldn't watch the competition till the end because I had to go home. So, congratz to those that won! ;D
SilverJunior did great!
Danny's group too!

Wedding day
Nice photos taken.. :D


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