Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sorry guys!

Sorriiee.. My computer kena ELECTRIC SHOCK d.. xD
Now using my cousin's computer

there were so many things going on.. I don't even know where to start from.. I really want to tell you guys.. but I'm so lazy to write.. want to know maybe can go find me in school kua..
Only certain things will be told. xD


Love ya!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm glad.

I'm glad that the misunderstanding between us is finally gone.. that is what I think so..

If you guys think that I have feelings for him, I do not.
So please don't simply say that I do.
We are happy as friends and I don't want that to change.
As long as he is happy, I'm happy too.

Alright, I'm really very tired,
I miss going to class.xD
I miss sitting beside Alicia.
But I know that I don't need to worry that you are lonely because I know that you have Jessica.
But but, Jessica, remember, you only can have her these few weeks.
I want her back when I'm back. :P Shes MINE!

I feel like never to let you go , ever again.
I so want you.

My computer BUSTED in the lightning the other day.
Modem also Died liao..
So, I'm using my aun's computer now.
Will try my best to update.


Goodday. tata

Monday, July 7, 2008

You know that.

I only drew that picture coz teacher asked us to draw something..
And so I drew your name.
It's nothing.

Please don't misunderstand.
I know what you are thinking,
don't coz you are wrong.

You will always be my kor kor,
the one that treat me so good,
the one that always sayang me.
Only that,
nothing more.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long time since..

Ahh~~ So long never play basketball d. xD Today went to basketball court to play. Jhio Nicklaus. Actually not Jhio lah, he everyday also go play one.. so it's like, just go meet him to play basketball lo..

On the court, I only know him. The rest, all old old one.. -.-"

I was the only girl on the court. So, after more and more people came, I just sat at the side,
watch them play. It's like.. very hard to fit in, you know? and I'm not like very keng or something like that. Someone Jhio me play, but I will only memalukan sendiri lah.. SIA SUI. And then.. later let people ci dou fu. Of course, I don't want to happen to me, do I?

Thats why, I never go to the court to play.

Only today, cause I really felt like playing basketball.

Basketball is my life.
No ball, no Life.
It's my addiction.

Good night.

Thanks Tiff.

My niece, cousin's daughter. cute right?

Thank you for the edit

p/s: I didn't want to put up the picture actually.. coz I'm so fugly in the picture..
I only put it up to say thank you to Tiff.


good night.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I think too much.

Do I think too much?
Do I?

I don't know... I'm so confused.
Everytime, I think that I want to know what it is like to fallinlove.
And when I do, I think that maybe fallinginlove is not a good thing.
It hurts, it destroys, there is just nothing good in fallinginlove.

I want it but then I'm afraid.
I don't know what is up with me.
I'm afraid that when I get into a relationship,
I will turn into something I'm not.
And when the relationship ends,
I'm the one that gets hurt.

I don't know,
I don't know...
I'm blur, I'm confused.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sitting in the air,
high up in the sky,
looking out the little window,
I see the colour blue,
blue in the sky,
the beautiful blue.

I realize the calm-ness of the sky,
with the colour blue it makes the sky even more beautiful.

With the white clouds,
that forms many patterns,
so beautiful that you just want to jump out of the window and touch the sky and clouds.

I love the colour blue,
sky blue,
baby blue,
it's just make me calm my mind.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm BACK!~

Have been gone for 11 days.
Miss me?

I miss you guys too!
I'm back now
Back to smelling the dirty polluted air!