Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm glad.

I'm glad that the misunderstanding between us is finally gone.. that is what I think so..

If you guys think that I have feelings for him, I do not.
So please don't simply say that I do.
We are happy as friends and I don't want that to change.
As long as he is happy, I'm happy too.

Alright, I'm really very tired,
I miss going to class.xD
I miss sitting beside Alicia.
But I know that I don't need to worry that you are lonely because I know that you have Jessica.
But but, Jessica, remember, you only can have her these few weeks.
I want her back when I'm back. :P Shes MINE!

I feel like never to let you go , ever again.
I so want you.

My computer BUSTED in the lightning the other day.
Modem also Died liao..
So, I'm using my aun's computer now.
Will try my best to update.


Goodday. tata

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