Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long time since..

Ahh~~ So long never play basketball d. xD Today went to basketball court to play. Jhio Nicklaus. Actually not Jhio lah, he everyday also go play one.. so it's like, just go meet him to play basketball lo..

On the court, I only know him. The rest, all old old one.. -.-"

I was the only girl on the court. So, after more and more people came, I just sat at the side,
watch them play. It's like.. very hard to fit in, you know? and I'm not like very keng or something like that. Someone Jhio me play, but I will only memalukan sendiri lah.. SIA SUI. And then.. later let people ci dou fu. Of course, I don't want to happen to me, do I?

Thats why, I never go to the court to play.

Only today, cause I really felt like playing basketball.

Basketball is my life.
No ball, no Life.
It's my addiction.

Good night.

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