Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I love you Alicia!
My first sleepover at my friend's house

Stayed a night at her place.. Very fun.. like a sister teman me like that.. :)
But abit paiseh lah.. xD I go over to stay then your daily activities all kalang kabut.. like your brother said.. bu xi guan lerh.. xD I very paiseh lah..

Then.. got fifi, her dog.. so cuuteee...

cute hor??

Anyway, wait for my computer to come back, then you come over k. ;D
then we sing song like siao po together.. heheh!

Love ya!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outing with my loves

woke up in the morning.. went out with him to the court. hehe. so scared to wake Alicia up.. xD

Anyway, he came over and took me out. :D

went back to get ready. then Alicia's parents drop us in JJ at about 11.30. walk around JJ awhile. then decided to eat branch in OldTown. eat until 1 o'clock, nobody come.. 12 o'clock de dating.. all little AirAsia plane delayed.. I think maybe coz of the "Snow" outside lah.. too heavy the "SNOW". xD

Met up with the guys first. ling and cs. Then we walk around.. then go cinema there.. call the other little AirAsia. then met them at the cinema. :D the LENG LUIs. cs super palia one.. like I force him go watch WallE like that.. BLUEH~

Then szemay say want to watch La Lingerie.

p/s: Alicia, Lingerie is pronouced as laungerey. xD my cousin laugh at me.. hahaha!

Anyway, after bought the tickets. we walked around for like the next one and a half hour..

First , went to Padini, Szemay bought her Sunnies. Then walked around.. then went to Lavender.. Szemay want to eat.. xD then then.. take photo lo.. xD

loves, loves, loves

even though I very ugly.. but I want to put.. xD

The show was quite nice.. xD hehee.. all bra bra bra. very sexy one.. hahaha..

After the show, went to sing Karaoke at green boxx... first time I step inside greenbox. xD hahaha.. Quite fun lah.. with fennie and tiffany.. :D hope can go out with them again.. miss them already..

Alicia's parents came to pick us up.. Took me to her shop to eat.. yummy yummy.. xD I still can blurp the yummy chicken lerh.. hehee

After dinner then went back to the house.. get ready to go home.. 8.30 like that then my mom came to pick me. x( sob sob.. then now in my cousins house. missing everyone. ;(



Edited: I can still remember the Safe Sex. You do yours, I do mine. xD OMG. Here are some pictures I got from Fennie. Our outing together.

Alicia my darling

Szemay's bread


with my darlings in Greenbox

P/s: can't wait to go out with you guys again. :D

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Save me!

A week's holiday starts today.
Went to school for girl guide today.. did some lame stuff.. I and some of my friends were even suppose to be there.. go there and listen to those involve in the MP talk.. we sit there like we don't even exist to them.. next time don't need us then don't ask us to go for activity pls.. I don't like to waste time on lame stuff like that..

I want to highlight this, STACY IS INLOVE! totally inlove, I tell you! ZY, I really don't know how did you do that.. xD
Met Hooi, and Yang. Such a cute couple. xD
Wanted to go see him, but he don't let me.. so never go see him lor.. :( Miss him so much.. haizz..

Anyway, went to KP at 11 for training. Coach's wires went abit wrong, made us run 3 sprints by only missing one ball... damn! nearly everyone ran you know! zzzz... and he said that, all the training will be like that from today onwards.. crazy! Lucky today don't have music lessons only.. If not I'm dead by now.. went home at 3.30. Showered and went straight to bed... xD slept until 6.30. Layed on the bed thinking about him til 7pm. Oh yeah~ before I forget... saw Hooi and Yang in KP too! they were going to the interact club performance thing.. xD holding hands.. so cute!! hehehe...

And I'm here in my cousins house for a night. hehhe.. I'm so bored.. holiday starts and I don't even know what am I going to do for a week.. want to go find him.. but.... don't know lah.. haizz.. Want to go out, but MY BROTHER is working in JJ and if he sees, I'M DEAD MEAT! xD

Alicia, Fennie, Tiffany, Hooi, Jessica.. I want to go out with you guys! JJ, this week? anyone interested?

Feel like having sleepover at someone's house.. xD anyone having sleepover? Please invite! hehhe Alicia? hehehe..

You know I miss you right..? I'm missing you right this moment and I want to hug you and never let you go.. I really do.. ILY