Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia!

Very nice show too..
Go go go! go watch!

Movie - Platonic Sex

Movie - Platonic Sex

Very nice movie. (:
It's not pornography lah...
It's about a girl and her life..
Like Koizora..

I'm alone at home.. going to study soon. Tata

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy 21st BIrthday, BiG BROTHER!


It's da ger's birthday today! =)
But I can't celebrate his 21st birthday with him.. ;(
Anyway, Happy Birthday!
Thank you for being a great big brother!

Hope you like the present I gave you.
I know it's nothing big and expensive..

Take care and study hard! =D

Little Sis
OUR little gift.

MY little gift.

Friday, September 26, 2008

short and simple

Short and Simple

Er ger has arrived there safely. =) I'm glad.. Da ger too! seen him on webcam already.. I miss them like crazy. The house is so quiet without them. Dad isn't around too, he's in Indonesia. Left with mommy and I and Starli and kakak. So lonely.. =(

School, school.. Goverments.. goverments... Please make up your mind! stop chaging the exam schedule! but I'm happy they moved it forward.. at least we get to break during our exams.. not like the one on 30 Oct.. No rest at all..

I will study during the school holiday.. I promise.. I'm a good girl.. =P Baby even better, so guai.. start studying already.. xD I miss you, baby..

Alicia, are you coming over here or am I going over there? My house is available.. No ones home.. I'm so lonely..

I want to go swimming, play basketball and play badminton and go jogging during the holidays! Do some exercise! I'm getting fatter by the day. eating chokies and chokies! xP Must spend my holiday wisely.

I don't know what else to blog....
Oh yeah~

I want to watch Mamma MIA! Mommy want to take me! but don't know when.. shes got a busy weeknights.. So, don't know yet.. hope we can go.

Alright, bye bye.. Tuition tomorrow. GOOD NIGHT~


Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Yeah~ The
visa is out already! Er ger jumped with joy when he received the email from the British embassy. So now, he's flying off tomorrow night. He's going to pick me from school tomorrow and then we will go airport together. He's all packed, ready to fly off! Sob sob.. Anyway, I'm happy for him. Study hard yea.. take cares too! I know you won't miss me. =[

2 months~ Ling gave me a real sweet thing today. hehee. =) The name key chain. Tie with tread one, he made it himself! x) heeheehe. Thank you! Love love. I tied it on my handphone. hehe ^^

I started studying Sejarah already. hehee.. First subject. xD I don't know why I won't sleep when I study Sejarah. I think it's because of the teacher. So I won't feel bored and tired. hehe. :D It's like reading a history book. So nice. =P


I told me kakak something, I said : " kak, you tunggu lagi enam tahun la, then boleh tengok saya naik kapal terbang pun." and you know what she said? She said, haiyo.. tunggu sampai tua lo.She has worked for us for 7 years already, since standard 1. I still remember the first time I saw her. She came during the night, carrying her bag into the house. haha! and I was so small that time. xD 7 years already. So fast.. But she can see my brothers go overseas but I don't think she will be around to see me go overseas.. She says that she wants to stop working already because her mom's getting old , need to be taken care of. No one to look after meee.. sob sob..

Alright, I better get going. Someones waiting for me! xD



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stuck with the flu

Flu flu, go away, never come again anymore.

Ok.. that don't rhyme at all. xP

Argh~~ I'm stuck with the flu for two days now. Gosh.. went to the toilet to blow my nose for don't know how many times today. I think 50 times. My nose is getting bigger and bigger. Brrrr~~ I'm having a hard time talking too! I have to use my mouth to breath.

And and.. I haven't start studying!! I'm so lazy!! zzzz.. But I did something very good today.
I cleared up my messy room.. it's so clean and tidy! :P teeheehhe

I miss da ger!! No longer can sleep beside him d.. =[ Have a safe jouurney~

Er ger should be going soon too.. Hope his visa comes out soon. The British embassy is so unfair.. Do dirty job one.. Rasuah.. Er ger is late for his registration already lah..

I'm so going to miss you guys!! sob sob ;[ If you ever thought of being the youngest, don't, because you won't like the feeling of being left behind alone, seeing your elders leave for overseas one by one. I'm going to be so lonely. sobs.

Check this website out. - Jonathan Tan - I bet you will be jealous of the photography skills he has. It's crazily beautiful, I tell you! It's FANTASTIC!!
Check out his camera too!! AA~~

Till then,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Malay Pigs

New News Again

Final exams are postponed AGAIN!! Grrr~~ stupid education department.. really no brains hor..
Their brains are the cheapest because they never store anything in it. Still got alot of empty spaces. Haizz..
Exams postponed until 30th Oct and finish on the 7th Nov. After exam straight away HOLIDAY~ don't even need to take the papers.. I don't know how are they doing to do the class arrangement.. later go school straight away go P class then cham.. xD

I'm going to A famosa with basketball friends and teacher on the 1st of Oct. Hheheheh!

Anyway... I don't know what to blog about.

OH YEAH~~ I remembered! Both my brothers' flight are postponed!! YAY~ postponed to next week! hehehhe =D They aren't able to apply for the visa because there are so many people trying to apply too.. So.. I have got another week to live with them! YAY! =P


I'm going to stop here..

Bye bye!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public Holiday

Had breakfast with my aunty and my cousin from China which is 30 ++ years old.. I don't know why.. maybe because of the generation ka.. the age difference ka.. xD

Anyway, after the breakfast, my mom and dager and aunty sent my cousin of the airport. Flew off in the afternoon. Er ger went to Puchong to find his friend. And I came home...

Cleared my friendster stuff.. and they came home.. xD

I'm suppose to study but I didn't.. I'm so lazy.. haiz..

Anyway, went to my aunties house.. played with my niece. Shes so so so cute! Very talkative also.. =P

Went home for dinner and started to do my geografi homework.. but didn't do any studying.

I really have to start studying man... after my brothers leave for UK. I must start studying. MUST!!!

Alright, thats how I spent my one day of holdiay.. xP



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunday - Kwan Hun's Wedding Day


Woke up at 7 like that. Got ready and went to my cousin's house. :) The groom. He was good looking. Ate "Soh Mee" for breakfast. yumm yumm~

At about 9, we took off. All the "Heng Dai-s" drove their car to Sunway to pick the bride up. At the hotel, outside the hotel room, the "Ji Mui-s" disturb the guys. One of the "ji mui" was so fierce!! She was also like the amplifier! Even the secuirity guard came. Warned us. hahahs!

Finally after about half and hour, they let the groom in. The bride was so pretty. @.@

Had tea ceremony then went back.

Reach back at about 11.30am, my cousin lighted the fire-cracker. Prayed.. then my cousin, the groom carried the bride to the room upstairs! carried!! haha!

Also had tea ceremony but this time, it was longer because our side have got so many aunties and uncles and also the cousins.. :)

Everything ended at about 12.30-1pm. I went home, slept for about one and a half hour, then took my dress and shoes to my cousin's house. They had hairstylist and make-up artist there. I was the first one to do my make-up. Then did my hair. Changed my clothes and I was done. I followed my cousin, so I was late to the dinner. xD

There were so many people. xD Anyway, skip skip skip.... I was busy doing stuff so I didn't really eat much. :) it's also a good thing, let me diet abit. hahahs

skip skip skip....... the dinner ended, and everyone left. We took family photo
with everyone in it. Kinda like the out family's tradition, every wedding sure will family photo. xD

We reached home at about 1am. played with the computer awhile, then went to bed at 2am.

Thats about it for my cousin's wedding. I want to say it again, the bride was so pretty!

Congrats to the lovely couple!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy Saturday


Mommy called my up at 7am. And I slept at 1.30am last night. gosh~~ so tired. I didn't have any choice though, so I woke up and went for a morning shower. Got ready quickly. I love curling my eyelashes now. :P so nice to play with that " giap giap " xD

Anyway, left the house at 8 ++ I think. We went to Eng Ann , the kopitiam there for breakfast. After breakfast, we push of to KL. Arrive at Magnum building, near Time Square. STA travel agency. Bought my brother's air ticket.

Sometimes, when we are together as a family, it's really fun, laughing together, chit chatting. :)

We had an appointment with my aunty at the One World Hotel for High tea, but we have got 2 hours before we were supposed to meet up so we went to One Utama for shopping! :D I went into 5-8 shoe shops and couldn't even find one pair that suits me. Everytime I see other people having nice shoes but when I want to find them, I just can't find a pair that is nice.

After two house of walking around, my legs were having blisters already. Then we went to One World Hotel to meet up with my aunty and uncle.

The food was nice. Toooo nice already. I ate so much food that my stomach could explode any time then. xD greedy me. Actually I wasn't greedy, it's just that, my aunty ordered so much, and we were suppose to eat. So eat eat eat lo. haiz.. Fatty me.

My aunty said that they met Wu Zhun there before. I didn't really take much interest in that because I know he is one of the singers in Fei Ren Heit, but don't know how he looks like. :P I'm kinda outdated in the chinese celebrities section.

We sat and ate until about 3. The desert was yumm yum! AloeVera jelly desert. They were kinda "kiam siap" with the aloevera. Only gave like a tiny piece in each bowl. Smaller than a marble. I ate two bowl anyway. :P

After branch, mommy and daddy went for some invesment thing in the Hotel. Er ger and I sat outside and we fell a sleep. When we were sleeping until quite syiok d, then a guard came and say : " sorry ya, you orang tak boleh tidur di sini lah. Tolong bangun. " I was like =.= what?! where got such thing one.. ok lo.. just wake up. Then my da ger came and say, like that one. You are not suppose to sleep in the lounge of a hotel, not nice for their customers to see. xD

At 4.30pm, we went back. Dropped me at Yamaha and they went to Ah ko's house. Came back to pick me up at 6pm. :)

Went straight back home after that, got ready to go for to my cousin's house for Bachelor Night dinner. My cousin's wedding is tomorrow. Going to have a busy busy day tomorrow. I'm suppose to wake up really early tomorrow and I'm still here blogging. What lah..

Oh yeah~~ My brothers are going to be professional photographers tomorrow!! hehee. :D proud proud!! So cool man. And I'm going to be the receptionist. :P


Alicia, I'm really sorry I can't do anything. I'm such a lousy friend aren't I? I'm really sorry. :(
I hope the guys cheered you up a little.

But here is something I want to say, if you think you are not ready, then you are not. Your time will come when it comes. Don't force yourself to do something you don't want to do. Ok?

Don't cry anymore. You know I'm always here, right? :)


I'm so bored. And I miss you. :(

Alright then, I better get going to bed. If not I'm going to have panda eyes tomorrow and my photos are not going to turn out nice. :X hehee..



Friday, September 12, 2008



Does It In The WaterTrustworthy. Attractive. Great kisser.
One of a kind, loves being in long-term relationships.
Can be clumbsy at times but tries hard.
Will take on any project. Proud of themselves in whatever they do.
Messy, and unorganized. Procrastinators.
Great lovers, when their not sleeping.
Extreme thinkers. Loves their pets usually more then their familiy.
Can be VERY irritating to others when they try to explain or tell a story.
Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations.
Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out.

copied from Sher.

My day

Alicia have been absent from school for two days now but she says she's coming back today. :) I really missed her. Jessica have been teman-ning me but it's really different without her around. :(

I didn't feel very well yesterday. Had a little fever and didn't have much mood. Hooi also was sick, so I didn't mix with her much. Yang took care of her.

The main thing is not here yet. Continue reading.

After school, I went home. Da ger told me to go take a shower. The show is at 7pm. I knew we were going for a movie but I didn't know what time. And so I went. My stomach was kind of growling already. When you are hungry, you definately don't feel like talking right?

And then, Da ger came and annoy me. =.=

Didn't have any mood to watch the show. Sometimes, I feel that they are so nice to me. But then, sometimes they just have to disturb me for no reasons. WHY?! when I told me parents, they even giggled. wtfish. Is that how they are suppose to react? My brothers used to treat me so good. Like a real little sister. Why is it changing now? Is it because you guys already have girlfriends?

I sat there at the chair. I wanted to cry and sleep because I really didn't have any mood. I couldn't because everyone were so noisy. I only laughed a little but that didn't cheer me up.

After the movie, we went back. We wanted to go Angsa Emas to eat, but it was closed. So we went to Soon Tong. Met my aunty uncle and my cousins there. They also haven't had their dinner, so we joined table and had dinner together. My cousin says that she will cut my hair, but after the wedding. The wedding is on Sunday. She says that if I cut my hair then it will be difficult to tie it up. I'm going to be the receptionist. Going to have a busy week end.

Actually my cousin ask me to leave my hair longer. So I don't know. Maybe cut a little? xD

Oh yeah, I forgot. We went to watch Money not enough 2. The show was ok la. Telling us about Singapore and Singaporeans. Don't complain so much, cheerish what you have now. Don't kao peh kao bu. know anot. :P

Final exams are postponed because of the stupid MALAY people with PEA BRAINS! Just because they want to have they time, they postpone the exams till later in mid October. But actually our exams are quite early. so, a little postpone is not a bad thing. They actually wanted to postpone it till 30 October. Walao! Nonit to get back out result meh? Only know how to party party. apala.

I'm getting lazy to study. I don't know where to start. But I mustn't. I cannot get bad result, if not I'm a dead chicken, man! :X Dead chicken.

OK, I have thought through, I want to leave my hair longer. I'm going to cut a little. Maybe not cutting fringe. :D

Alright, I'm done. xD


Thursday, September 4, 2008

In good mood!

I'm in good mood these few days.
hehehe.. Love the weather today! :D
I was raining.. the wind was blowing.. so cool and nice. tehehehe..
I went and play under the rain with alicia and hooi.
Ling also came and join me.. xD haha.. I never ask him lor... don't say I force him ar.. :P

Anyway, I don't know why I just like to play under the rain these few days.

I was all wet after recess.. Ling went to eat..
Me and Alicia and Hooi and TY played under the rain..
TY so .... one lo.. haiz.. xP

I'm in SO SO SO good mood these days!! hehehe..
With you beside me.. I'm always happy. :) I heart you , Ling.


My art. :D any comment?

edited version

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I was so shocked when stood outside the house. I saw a stranger, actually not really a stranger. It was my BROTHER! my DA GER! xD
I thought it was my er ger, but then ei.. so funny one.. It was really my da ger.. I didn't even know he was coming back today!! Everyone was so shocked man!!

Anyway, had dinner.. chatted. Then.. the showed me this new stuff.. BAMBOO.. for doing photoshop edits one.. SUPER COOL, I tell you!

Then, my er ger came back.. then he went and CHIAU my da ger's suitcase.. xD then da ger took out our presents.. hehehe! Guess what he got me?
PERFUME!! my first perfume!! teehheee!
He got for my er ger perfume tooo.. guys stuff.. so many perfume.. xD

WE chatted and chatted.. I didn't even shower.. until now.. hehehe... then my parents say me.. chat chat chat.. don't want to shower ar?! hehehe. then went to shower lo.

OMG! I'm just so suprised and glad.. I missed him so much.. I really don't want both of them to go overseas!!! I don't know how will i survive without them around.. :(
sobs sobs..

Anyway, gtg!! back to chit chatting! ;D hehehe! See ya!