Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy Saturday


Mommy called my up at 7am. And I slept at 1.30am last night. gosh~~ so tired. I didn't have any choice though, so I woke up and went for a morning shower. Got ready quickly. I love curling my eyelashes now. :P so nice to play with that " giap giap " xD

Anyway, left the house at 8 ++ I think. We went to Eng Ann , the kopitiam there for breakfast. After breakfast, we push of to KL. Arrive at Magnum building, near Time Square. STA travel agency. Bought my brother's air ticket.

Sometimes, when we are together as a family, it's really fun, laughing together, chit chatting. :)

We had an appointment with my aunty at the One World Hotel for High tea, but we have got 2 hours before we were supposed to meet up so we went to One Utama for shopping! :D I went into 5-8 shoe shops and couldn't even find one pair that suits me. Everytime I see other people having nice shoes but when I want to find them, I just can't find a pair that is nice.

After two house of walking around, my legs were having blisters already. Then we went to One World Hotel to meet up with my aunty and uncle.

The food was nice. Toooo nice already. I ate so much food that my stomach could explode any time then. xD greedy me. Actually I wasn't greedy, it's just that, my aunty ordered so much, and we were suppose to eat. So eat eat eat lo. haiz.. Fatty me.

My aunty said that they met Wu Zhun there before. I didn't really take much interest in that because I know he is one of the singers in Fei Ren Heit, but don't know how he looks like. :P I'm kinda outdated in the chinese celebrities section.

We sat and ate until about 3. The desert was yumm yum! AloeVera jelly desert. They were kinda "kiam siap" with the aloevera. Only gave like a tiny piece in each bowl. Smaller than a marble. I ate two bowl anyway. :P

After branch, mommy and daddy went for some invesment thing in the Hotel. Er ger and I sat outside and we fell a sleep. When we were sleeping until quite syiok d, then a guard came and say : " sorry ya, you orang tak boleh tidur di sini lah. Tolong bangun. " I was like =.= what?! where got such thing one.. ok lo.. just wake up. Then my da ger came and say, like that one. You are not suppose to sleep in the lounge of a hotel, not nice for their customers to see. xD

At 4.30pm, we went back. Dropped me at Yamaha and they went to Ah ko's house. Came back to pick me up at 6pm. :)

Went straight back home after that, got ready to go for to my cousin's house for Bachelor Night dinner. My cousin's wedding is tomorrow. Going to have a busy busy day tomorrow. I'm suppose to wake up really early tomorrow and I'm still here blogging. What lah..

Oh yeah~~ My brothers are going to be professional photographers tomorrow!! hehee. :D proud proud!! So cool man. And I'm going to be the receptionist. :P


Alicia, I'm really sorry I can't do anything. I'm such a lousy friend aren't I? I'm really sorry. :(
I hope the guys cheered you up a little.

But here is something I want to say, if you think you are not ready, then you are not. Your time will come when it comes. Don't force yourself to do something you don't want to do. Ok?

Don't cry anymore. You know I'm always here, right? :)


I'm so bored. And I miss you. :(

Alright then, I better get going to bed. If not I'm going to have panda eyes tomorrow and my photos are not going to turn out nice. :X hehee..



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