Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stuck with the flu

Flu flu, go away, never come again anymore.

Ok.. that don't rhyme at all. xP

Argh~~ I'm stuck with the flu for two days now. Gosh.. went to the toilet to blow my nose for don't know how many times today. I think 50 times. My nose is getting bigger and bigger. Brrrr~~ I'm having a hard time talking too! I have to use my mouth to breath.

And and.. I haven't start studying!! I'm so lazy!! zzzz.. But I did something very good today.
I cleared up my messy room.. it's so clean and tidy! :P teeheehhe

I miss da ger!! No longer can sleep beside him d.. =[ Have a safe jouurney~

Er ger should be going soon too.. Hope his visa comes out soon. The British embassy is so unfair.. Do dirty job one.. Rasuah.. Er ger is late for his registration already lah..

I'm so going to miss you guys!! sob sob ;[ If you ever thought of being the youngest, don't, because you won't like the feeling of being left behind alone, seeing your elders leave for overseas one by one. I'm going to be so lonely. sobs.

Check this website out. - Jonathan Tan - I bet you will be jealous of the photography skills he has. It's crazily beautiful, I tell you! It's FANTASTIC!!
Check out his camera too!! AA~~

Till then,

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