Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What a relief, I wasn't trap in another day of boredom!

Oh okok.. To the point.

Worked for mommy today. Did her input on income tax. haha.. At least not at home doing nothing. Some worker in her office thought I was her new employed PA. DO I LOOK THAT OLD!!!

ngo yan!! humph~~

anyway, she said that I'm a fast learner, not like her old PAs. haha!! This shows I'm good!! ^^ can become her PA d! xD nice to work in the office ma.. got aircon.. hehe..

I follow her out too. MY GOODNESS! I tell you, I HATE THE WEATHER!! I really really superly hate it man!! FREAKING HOT lo! sot one..

I have tuition tomorrow, going to help her do her stuff again tomorrow. =) Love love! Mommy say that if I do well I GOT GAJI!! hahah! at last I can have some savings. ^^

And and!! I just started reading HARRY POTTER! from the first book. hhehe! wanted to read so long ago. Now only start. haha.. I'm going to read from the first book to the last book. The book nice to read leh.. Now I know why people prefer reading the book. I know someone that reads those book again and again. xD

GAH~ mommy's buying a new laptop!! hope it will be mine xD hahha! I'm gonna need to use it first anyway. coz they don't know how to use it!! hahha!! I'm so evil.. Joking only lah...hehe.. it's true ma.. I will need to play with it then only teach her how you use. so it's half mine.. wrong?

Shes the one and only one.
The most amazing woman in my life. ^^


- I chose the skin colour for the laptop PINK! FLAMINGO PINK!! haha!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Another day of boredom.

Alright. Here's my story of another boring day.

Went to my aunt's house for Deepavali Open House. Had lunch till 1 something 2. Came home after that. Came online awhile, no one was on so I went to sleep. I slept till 6 in the evening. Mommy cooked dinner. After dinner, watched tv awhile and started to clear my room. So messy. xD '

And so, that's my boring day.

My cousin went to watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 didn't chio me.. sob sob. =(

And and.. I'm going to work for mommy tomorrow. help her do some stuff.. Don't know got gaji anot. xD haha! hope got. gotta save some money.

I got nothing to blog. I dont know what to blog!

I know that life is so so so boring right now!!! SAVE ME PLEASE!



Sunday, October 26, 2008

Passion for painting

I'm really satisfied with the environment. =) I like it very much. I'm going to work hard to improve my painting skills. I will and I can.

I woke up at 8 this morning, had breakfast and went for class at 9. Finished class at 11.

The teacher said thats it's always boring in the beginning. He taught me colour mixing. And I'm really glad he's not that kind of gay teacher. He's got a family, teaching as an art teacher in HIN HUA PRIVATE SCHOOL. Kind of funny and friendly.. hehe.

Guess who goes there. Moh sze yi and tat jee.. MY GOODNESS... I hope I don't need to see them. xD Sometimes it's nice to go somewhere without anyone knowing you. I don't know why, but I like being alone. more peace and calm.

And so, after class, I came home. Daddy went out to buy lunch. I took a nap at 2 ++ I think. I slept till 6pm. What a nice nap. haha! xD but I'm going to fall sick soon. =( I can feel the bacteria taking over my body. haha. Hope I won't fall sick! I want to eat till full full tomorrow! GAINING WEIGH!! aiks~~

My neighbours are putting fire crackers. So noisy.. but cannot blame them, during Chinese New Year also we do that. And luckily I'm a heavy sleeper. I sleep soundly even if you are playing the trumpet at my ears, I can't hear them. And that's a good thing , right?

I want to watch HIGH SCHOO MUSICAL 3! tapi tak de orang teman aku lahh.. I just finish watching step up 1. I want to dance like them too!! I want to!! I want to go learn dancing.

Mommy ask me go learn yoga! my bones are like super duper hard liao ask me go learn yoga. She say can one... can train one ma... Let's see ok. =) but these kind of classes damn expensive one lo. my cousin goes of yoga classes RM 180 per month~ how expensive is that! dang~

Dancing classes are also very expensive these days. Luckily my art classes are not that expensive. It's RM 55 a month , I think.

Life is boring now.. I got nothing to do. I want to go back and study again! haha. so boring lah.. I'M SUFFERING FROM BOREDOM~ I want to go and read my book already. haha~


oh yeah~


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life after exams.

I don't know how she did it.. but she managed to convince me to go jogging with her. I have only agreed to her this ones although she have been asking me since the beginning of this year. I don't know how she did it. It's just, shes my mom. What you expect. =) Love her much.

Dearest Mommy found an art studio for me to pick up my painting skills.

And I'm going to learn painting tomorrow! I have been wanting to go for art classes since like don't know when. Only try one day, see how it goes. Hehe.

I want to watch High School Musical 3! Is it nice? I don't want to go and watch a boring show right. Tiff and Fennie say it's nice. So maybe I should go and watch. haha.. go chio my cousin.

I'm so lazy right now. All my books on my table are not put away yet you know. Just didn't go and touch them.. After school on friday , I came home and started using the computer. Today whole day not home. Tomorrow also don't know whether going out anot.

I want to go shopping! I need to go shop for my NEW YEAR clothes~~ I won't have time to do so in December. I'm going MELBOURNE! can't wait. and after that I'm going Cheng Mai. * not boasting k.. *

This year end holiday so busy. Year end holidays that first week I got Piano exams. then November whole month gone. Why is it that our holidays start so late this year ar? And December I'm already going to Melbourne. So much things I want to do but no time.

Got to buy school shoes, school books, clothes. Need to sort out my books for next year. Want to learn baking and dancing.

So much things , so little time.
People is money not enough, mine is TIME not enough.

I don't want time to fly so fast!! Rewind rewind. haha.

Can't wait for the holidays to start. But now my priorities are my piano exams. =) I must pass! GOOD LUCK TO ME ! hehe.


p/s: Do you think I should use my own money to do braces? mommy and daddy doesn't want to sponser. ): any opinions?

Love my life.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm like a free bird.

Free like a bird.

But I feel studying is kinda fun.. haha! got the thrill and everything. =)
And this time our exams time table is very nice lo.. got holidays in between exams. Having holidays for the next 3 days too.

Happy Deepavalli! Going for my aunties open house.
FOOD~~ I love FOOD!

Tell you something, I have been eating for the past one week.
I can't stop eating! Everytime I'm downstairs, I sure want to find something to eat.
And there is only Chocolates in the fridge. So I eat and eat and eat.

I'm going to stay home and relax like a QUEEN~ hahah! I'm joking.

I just feel life is so nice.I don't know..
like.. everything happens for a reason.. you just need to understand it.

" Never let your hopes get up high because you will just be upset and disappointed when what you get is not at your expectation."

" Never ask people to be who you want them to be, accept them for who they are."

" Never give up , only stand up. "

There is so much more. You just need to go and understand and discover them.
I thought of these words myself. During computer paper.

Isn't life beautiful?

But time flies so fast, one year is gone. Next year will be our turn to sit for PMR. I must study hard. =)

" Never cry if you don't get A because what you studied is yours, the knowledge is yours, not others. Maybe you just didn't study hard enough, study harder, I'm sure you will get your better results later. "

I love my life.
I love the people that are important to me.
I don't know what I will do without them..

thank you.

How I wish I was the sky, nothing to worry, nothing to care..


Monday, October 13, 2008

Hari Raya Holiday

Hari Raya Holiday 2008

Mommy, Daddy and I went to PWTC - Putra World Trade Centre.
Mommy wanted to meet someone in the Legend Hotel next to The Mall.
So we went to the PWTC for free lunch.. and the went to meet her friend.
There is this Open House Party by the Perdana Menteri Malaysia in PWTC.

Part 1 of the day

The Putra World Trade Centre.

Welcome Note?


Stage 1- Walking in

I didn't want to go in after seeing the amount of people... But I was missing. I lost my parents and I found them already in the crowd. So, I had to go in.

Thats the amount of people going in.

See that?

Make sure you think twice before you decide to walk in because once you are in there, you can't GET OUT!

Stage 2 - Up the escalator

I asked my mom, why did come in here? She said cause she wanted to let me experience what it's going to a public open house. And I said, thank you very much. I really had an experience.

Waiting to go up the escalator.

My goodness!

Stage 4 - Shaking hands
The BIG SHOT people stands there shaking hands. But the Perdana Menteri wasn't there. I think he got tired of shaking people's hands OR he was just being lazy.

Stage 4 - The hungry tummies.
Time to get Food! All hungry.

Grabbing FOOD!

Final Stage - Eating food!
Yeah~ We finally passed the MASSIVE crowd!! and we got our food. So, I think the experience was okayy... HAHA~

That's MOMMY!

That's DADDY!

Both of them. =D

Out we come!A photo infront the PWTC sign

Guess whos that?!

I don't know his name, but I know he is the Minister of Education. His wife so pretty!



Walking to the LEGEND HOTEL


Part 2 of the day.

That's daddy in the reflection of the glass.

We went to check out The Mall after escourting my mom up.

Nothing much about The Mall. It's like Sungai Wang. Those kind of shop. So we went back up to the Hotel.

Mommy & Aunty

Mommy. She looks so cute.

Aunty. Thinking & thinking.

I had nothing to do, so I went to check out the TOILET~

Check it out~

Camwhore again!

My ROXY bag~ It's PINK! haha!




Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mid of exams

Mid of exams!

3 days gone.. =D
Bm 2 - don't know got hope anot.
Bi 2 - I think still can.
Bc 2 - Also don't know can anot.
Pm - Okkayy lahh...
Maths 2 - Also okkayy lahh
Science - die liao die liaoo.. don't think got hope..

I will let the wind take me where it wants me to go..
I have studied.. but.. let's wait and see alright.. :D

I may be going to Genting on Saturday.. I don't want to go actually.. I want to stay home to study Sej. But you know what my mom said? she wants me to go.. she don't want me to stay home and study everyday. xD
Don't know yet.. see how it goes.

Happy HOLIDAYS! again..

Look like you larrrhh~ =P


Saturday, October 4, 2008

A day at home

Day at home

I was kinda a pig today. xD I slept till 11. hehhe.. Woke up, had breakfast and took a morning bath. After that, started studying. Form 1 & 2 science. Finished it by 6pm and went for dinner.

After dinner, started doing some exercises, and now using the computer. =)

Did editing on my picture. hehe. xP



My pimples all gone! So cool! but very fake lah. xD Accept who I am.. No point being who I'm not. NO ONE IS PERFECT.

Niceee.?? :)

Love this picture!

So random. haha!

Ok.. tatas!
better get back to my work! ^^

Love love,

p/s: Photos are coming up.. :) but I have got to sort them out first. maybe after exams? xD