Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life after exams.

I don't know how she did it.. but she managed to convince me to go jogging with her. I have only agreed to her this ones although she have been asking me since the beginning of this year. I don't know how she did it. It's just, shes my mom. What you expect. =) Love her much.

Dearest Mommy found an art studio for me to pick up my painting skills.

And I'm going to learn painting tomorrow! I have been wanting to go for art classes since like don't know when. Only try one day, see how it goes. Hehe.

I want to watch High School Musical 3! Is it nice? I don't want to go and watch a boring show right. Tiff and Fennie say it's nice. So maybe I should go and watch. haha.. go chio my cousin.

I'm so lazy right now. All my books on my table are not put away yet you know. Just didn't go and touch them.. After school on friday , I came home and started using the computer. Today whole day not home. Tomorrow also don't know whether going out anot.

I want to go shopping! I need to go shop for my NEW YEAR clothes~~ I won't have time to do so in December. I'm going MELBOURNE! can't wait. and after that I'm going Cheng Mai. * not boasting k.. *

This year end holiday so busy. Year end holidays that first week I got Piano exams. then November whole month gone. Why is it that our holidays start so late this year ar? And December I'm already going to Melbourne. So much things I want to do but no time.

Got to buy school shoes, school books, clothes. Need to sort out my books for next year. Want to learn baking and dancing.

So much things , so little time.
People is money not enough, mine is TIME not enough.

I don't want time to fly so fast!! Rewind rewind. haha.

Can't wait for the holidays to start. But now my priorities are my piano exams. =) I must pass! GOOD LUCK TO ME ! hehe.


p/s: Do you think I should use my own money to do braces? mommy and daddy doesn't want to sponser. ): any opinions?

Love my life.

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