Saturday, November 29, 2008

Futile effort.

I don't know why. I really don't know why. I exercise to hard and my weight is still the same. Yesterday, I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes, did 50 sit ups. And I lost like 0.5 kg. That is so little. 

Today, I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes, did 80 sit ups. And my weight is back to normal. What kind of thing is this? 

Yesterday, I went jusco with my cousins and my aunt. First, we went to Popular. We chose our own books. I saw something really interesting, it's a book which have all the clothing designs, hand drawn. So nice. But it's like RM 80, I think. Damn expensive. Then I saw another book. 200 Projects to  Strengthen Your Art Skills. It's really interesting. Teaches you about lines, colours, objects. 

You know what? I starting to be interested in arts. Drawing things. But I still need to improve my art skills. (: Nothing in the world is free. You always have to work hard to improve. Maybe next time I would be able to draw portraits. hahaha! 

A while ago, I drew my cousin that was sleeping on the couch. haha.. Not really nice but I'm a only  beginner! What do you expect? xD heheh.. And then, I drew the curtain, with the outside background. That was not very good either. 

Well, I'm going to work hard! I might go to Australia and draw scenery too. hahah! I can show you but that is if my drawing turn out nice. :P

Times flies too fast! It's already the end of November! School are one month away! I'm going to be in Form 3 next year!! yikes! PMR PMR PMR!! 

Talking about PMR! I can't go for my brother's graduation because of it! damn it! His graduation is on the second week of July. And that would be like 2 months away from PMR! I hate exams!! gahh!! I want to go! I want to go! I want to go! No fair. I'm going to be alone at home, buried under the thousand piles books.  

Anyway, my drawing skills sucks big time. But I can't give up! 
I'm going to prove to someone that anything is possible! My cousin to be exact. hng! If I some how become a famous artist in the future, don't come and buy my beautiful paintings, alright! :P

Wish me luck! 

This holiday is so boring! I can't wait to go Australia! 


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I only got one at the moment.
So.. I'm sorry.

Leng Lui's at the staircase.
haha! Perasan nye, AKU!

This was in the bride groom's house in the morning. The Tea Ceremony celebration. (:

Got already!

The sweet wedded couple

See! So sweet!

We did some revenge on the ji mui's shoes.
Tied them up with cable string and stick stickers all over the shoes!
How creative is that!?

But see.. One of the ji mui's husband destroyed the plan... No fun..

Look! spoiling the fun only..
We were like keeping all the scissors away so they wouldn't be able the cut open the cable strings!

My niece! Pretty right. (:

So adorable!

The pretty ladies.

There's more. but I'm lazzy.. See lah.

The couple have been together since they were in college, which is 18. And they are like 27 now. That is like 10 years! 10 years before you get married. That is how long you have got to wait. To know they are the right person. Getting married is not an easy job ok! Once you are married, you are suppose to start work. I mean like OT, kind. 'work' you know what I mean? Make babies! that's what the old people say.

So.. Think twice. hahha!

Good night!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Eventhough it's really little. :P


The best Japanese Restaurant you can find in KLANG. I'm serious. You can't find any cheaper and yummier japanese restaurant anywhere around here. SUSHI KING is the WORST. SakaeSushi is like so bloody expensive. Kinsahi is fine I guess but still not as good as FUNA ZUSHI.

You should try it. You will totally agree with me. It's near the stadium. Jalan Istana there?

OK. We went to celebrate my cousin brother's birthday. Not going to mention his name though. He has officially turned 13 today. Big boy already.


ok. I'm fatter already. I'm like 55kg! SHIT!
sibeh fat, man! siao liao lah! must diet, weii!
die die die!

I have been MIA for a few days. caught up with my piano exams and my cousins wedding. Sorry!

Blink of an eye

It's already at the end of November! So quick!
I didn't do everything I was suppose to do.
Like learn baking, sewing, dancing, doing yoga...
But one thing I did do is learn drawing. :) hehhe

And so, will be flying off to Melbourne in like 10 more days.
I can't wait!

I have got nothing interesting to talk about. So BLAH!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Kok Thye's Wedding

My cousin's wedding is this saturday.
Both of them are doctors.

Alright alright, lets fast forward everything alright.
Let's get to the photos part. (:

Look! so sweet!

So cool!

Slow walk down the path.

On the little cart.
The groom look so much like my cousin right? Those that have seen my cousin brother. Goodness. They are like identical twins!
better get back to my piano!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Save me!

Goodness! My piano exams are drawing nearer and nearer and I'm not even ready!! I haven't been practicing!!

I'm going jogging tomorrow to lose some weight.. I'm like a fat pig!
After jogging, I must MUST practice my piano..

I'm not going to school tomorrow.
Firstly, because I don't want to see him.
Secondly, I don't know what am I going to do in school.
Thirdly, it is going to be wasting of time. I rather stay home.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the movie is coming out this month, I heard? I haven't finish my books!! I have only just finish my third book. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Will be starting the fourth book soon. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And there is Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix before I reach Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
I hope to finish them soon!! I want to finish reading the sixth book before I watch the show!

Ok.. I better get my ass to bed. Haha. Hope my cousin won't ffk me tomorrow.

Good night!

p/s : Anyone wants to go yoga with me? My cousin and I are thinking of attending yoga class to lose some unwanted weight. hehe. Anyone?

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm sorry..

Tiff.. I don't want to do that tag can? hehhe.. I have got nothing to say about myself. No random facts... ok ar?? hehhee.. paiseh~

I just came back from my 6 lap jog. haven't exercise since like forever. haha..

I do'nt know what to blog about.. haha!

bye bye.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Congratulations , Daniel!

Congratz to my cousin. Actually not cousin lah.. Is far cousin. =)
Dr. Koh Niak Wu. Graduated with PHD. Professor ar!
He just got married to day. Very handsome guy.. he is like one of my brother. playful, talkative, funny, handsome... so many more. His wife is also very pretty.. She is so lucky to have him.. Any girl will die to have him..

Anyway, he was the family I went to NZ with. His sisters, we are also counted as close lah.. =) Really fun to mix with them. ^^ Like my elder sisters. Joanne jie jie and Sianny jie jie. Both damn super tall one. Like giraffe! Dream to be as tall as them.. People will ask me to continue dreaming because I will never be as tall as them. They are like taller than me 3/4 a head. And they are still shorter than their father half a head eventhough they are wearing high heels. That is how tall their father is. zzzz... Jealous Jealous!

So , we went to their house in KL in the morning, had lunch there. Came home after that. The weather was so so so freaking hot man! Really cannot stand it lo. My eyes also want to close. Can't even open lah! Came home and had a shower. No time to nap also. Got piano class in the evening. gosh.. so tired. Now I'm back from the dinner. Blogging. I want to go to bed soon. Tomorrow got Art class and Piano class!

My piano exams are just around the corner! I'm not ready!! AAA!!! Help me!!

Oh yeah.. Errmm.. I think we are over already. That's what I hope. I told him. I told him I don't think we are meant to be. Don't think that this relationship will work out. And he replied why? I don't understand. And so.. I replied back, saying that I'm just not the girl he is looking for.

First of all, I want to say, I'm not going to pretend anymore. I'm going to be who I want to be. I can be a little boyish. SO WHAT?! I'm still a girl at heart. And not like I'm so boyish until like those kind of tomboy girls. Like.. you know who lah.. those girls in our schoool.. I have been pretending to be girlish around him.. No scolding bad words. GAH~ I have had enough! My friends think I'm so cheap.. Like those kind of girl, always acting cute infront of their boyfriend. I'm not. Maybe last time, I want you to like me. But now. I just want to be myself! The girl that loves her natural self. Love who she is. And not what others want her to be.

So, let me go alright. I'm not pretty. I'm not intelligent. I'm not sexy. I'm not cute. I'm not the girl you are looking for. Go find some other girls.

And. Secondly, you are not who I thought you are. Maybe I liked the wrong person. The person I was suppose to like has always been by my side! why didn't I notice?! Why was I so stupid? I think he already let me go. LET FATE DO THEIR JOB.

Thirdly, I'm tired. haha! gonna go to bed!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Feel Free and Be Happy

Nick's personal message.

Feel free! Do what ever you like, don't let anyone stop you, just be yourself and do what you like. Never give up when meet with obstacles, try harder, you will definately accomplish what you want to do.

Be happy! Be happy! This is the best medicine you can get. Smile! show your beautiful teeth, you will see how much happier you can get if you smile. It's true. Try it. Think of the happy moments, memories.

I went cycling today, felt the breeze of the wind, it was so nice. I went to Hin Hua to see basektball match. Only for a while because so many people. Suppose to go there to see someone play, but I couldn't find him. It was hot, but I still went cycling around.

Thought of many things, cycling is really nice. It allows you to feel the breeze and think. Get things out of your mind. After cycling, I came home and took Starli out. Shes so cute.. but sometimes can get really naughty. She's like my little sister. Dog is man's best friend. If you need an accompaniment, they are always there to accompany you. After that, sat outside the house, listen to my radio. And felt the breeze.

Very windy day today. I'm now sitting in my room, infront of my window, little but windy breeze comes in and take me away.

Kakak cooked Nasi Lemak today, I'm going to eat!


Feel Free and Be Happy.

Time flies

At a blink of an eye, 1 year has gone past. Just like that. Today is the last day of school, and I have wasted a week in school doing nothing. Playing cards and wasting my time. I could have gone to work for mommy, I think I could earn at least 100 bucks. And that is alot to me, alright...

I have been playing cards in school this whole week. It's so so so boring! I also read finish my 1st and 2nd Harry Potter book. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It is quite nice. If you guys are really interested in reading, I really recommend this to you. I really regretted for not reading it earlier.

Time flies, treasure time and don't let it fly away that easily. Do what you have to do. And don't do what you don't have to do.

Time flies, people change, that is what life is all about. You can't expect yourself to be like what you are now forever. You will change, so are your emotions. Let things go and accept it. No point keeping it.

Let things past, and keep it as a sweet memory or forget them. Moving on is the best decision to make. Let the past go, live the present, and await for the future that is coming our way. That is what life is all about.

oh yeah~ I thought of deleting all my posts. but then.. just let it be lah.. maybe I in the future I can look back and laugh at my stupid little self. Our memories are for us to learn and be a better person, learn from the mistakes we make and never repeat them. Make better memories, memories that can be kept forever and ever. Ever lasting memories.

I will, if you might want to know. I want and I will make better memories, better memories to keep and cherish. Life is all about making it more colorful, isn't it?

Tomorrow is a holiday. I'm ..... not doing anything, but maybe I will go cycling in the evening, go past by Hin Hua! Basketball competition.. haha! So boring at home. Better go do some exercise.

And and!! Alicia finally came back to school today! I think she was happier to see my friends than to see me.. sob sob. =( How sadd.. Everytime leave me alone in school and never miss me a single bit. Pity me. Poor poor me.

Alone in a world eventhough they are beside me..

Stopping here.

Good night!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

You will never be so lucky to get away everytime.

Don't think that you will get away everytime.
Your time will come when you get caught.. Don't think that you don't get caught now, you won't.
When you really get caught, don't regret.
No one can help you then.

We study to get knowledge for our own, and no one can take that away from you. It's your benefit, not others.
If you study and get bad results, you need to work harder, no one will blame you..
If you didn't study and get good results, what for? you are still cheating.. and for that, people will blame you more. Take note of that.
I dislike people that cheat!

But if you think that is what you want to go and be. I don't care.
I don't care if you don't care about your future, your life.
But I can tell you that, you will never get away UNCAUGHT!


stupid one.
objective paper also take so long to mark!
we don't need to know our marks meh?

we are speechless to your actions.
...... =.=
where can!?

I hate you more and more..

Notes also got let than other classes..
What lah!!


i don't want to talk about my results.

I gave it my shot. I have got to work harder next time. Never give up! I can do it. (=

buh bye!!
I want to go get breakfast!
* stomact growling away *