Friday, November 7, 2008

Feel Free and Be Happy

Nick's personal message.

Feel free! Do what ever you like, don't let anyone stop you, just be yourself and do what you like. Never give up when meet with obstacles, try harder, you will definately accomplish what you want to do.

Be happy! Be happy! This is the best medicine you can get. Smile! show your beautiful teeth, you will see how much happier you can get if you smile. It's true. Try it. Think of the happy moments, memories.

I went cycling today, felt the breeze of the wind, it was so nice. I went to Hin Hua to see basektball match. Only for a while because so many people. Suppose to go there to see someone play, but I couldn't find him. It was hot, but I still went cycling around.

Thought of many things, cycling is really nice. It allows you to feel the breeze and think. Get things out of your mind. After cycling, I came home and took Starli out. Shes so cute.. but sometimes can get really naughty. She's like my little sister. Dog is man's best friend. If you need an accompaniment, they are always there to accompany you. After that, sat outside the house, listen to my radio. And felt the breeze.

Very windy day today. I'm now sitting in my room, infront of my window, little but windy breeze comes in and take me away.

Kakak cooked Nasi Lemak today, I'm going to eat!


Feel Free and Be Happy.

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