Saturday, December 26, 2009


First of all, I know I'm late, nevermind lah, only less than one our late. :P but I still want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! How was your Christmas? I had a pretty great one.

We went to a family friend's house for Christmas Lunch. Owhhh~~ The food was so so so good. Turkey, Trifle, Potato Salad, Lamb, Pumpkin cake, Cheese cake, Blueberry Cheese Tart. @.@ Finally tasting some edible food after 10 days. Hahaha.. Not that I'm complaining lahh. You can't expect 5 star food when attending a camp right. :D

After lunch, I actually fell asleep while everyone was chatting away. Haha.. Can't blame me, I was just too tired to stay awake. Don't know how long I slept but when I woke up, half of the people were gone already. So I should think I slept quite long lah. And when I woke up, I was sweating all over. Super hot man. An advice from me, don't ever sleep on leather chair. Well, if you think that I'm lying, you can try it. =P

My parents were still chatting away, so I went to join my cousin and her friends, they were like making a list of 29 things you have done in 2009. Which was pretty cool. And so I did too, but I only reached 12. Therefore, you can see how boring my life is. Hopefully, next year will be a better year for me. But I doubt it. Form 4 is the killer year, the year which you have to actually study because most of the questions which are chosen to be tested in SPM are from the form 4 syllabus. Conclusion, another boring year. Seriously, being a teenager is so stressful. Why can't I just be Albert Einstein? Wouldn't it be good if we were just smart from young. Hahaa.. I'm so going out of reality now. Plain stupid.

Pin Yawwww.. Don't gooo! I'm so gonna miss you. Come back for Chinese New Year k. Then I will finish up your present for you. Study hard and take care of yourself k. And I'm so sorry I missed your party. What a waste I missed all the drinking and dancing and getting drunk part. haha.. It would have been so much fun!!

One last thing, OBS ROCKS man! I'm lazy to upload the photos lahh. If you interested, go see facebook. It's all there. =D It's a once in a life time experience, if you think you want to face the challenge, go for it. Trust me, you will not regret. The fun and experience you have there can never be found anywhere else. My eldest brother didn't get to go and he regretted like hell. Because now he has started working, and there is no more time for having fun anymore. Like I said, it's now or never. Your choice. hahaa.. I'm talking like I'm forcing you like that. All I want to say is that, OBS is an awesome camp lah. If you want to try it, go for it.  That's all.

Well, I guess that's it. I better catch up on my sleep man. I haven't actually have enough sleep. I'm totally learning to be like you lah. I won't sleep until like 1 or 2am in the morning nowadays. So unhealthy.. * shaking head * All thanks to, YOU KNOW WHO. :P

Good Night!

p/s:  Guess what? I got a present from my second brother!!! I don't know how but he managed to send back the present for me all the way from Hatfield. Gawd, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Misss you so much tooo.. Come back soon!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

敗犬女王 - My Queen

Alicia Lim! I finally watched it! And I love it so much. So sweeettt....

The guy also so cute! Can't imagine what it would be like to have such a cute guy as my boyfriend. haha.. a younger one especially. Well, since I haven't really had that kind of feeling, I wouldn't know what it's like to love a younger guy. So I can't comment anything. But as time goes by, I think the world would slowly accept the fact that age doesn't matter in a relationship. As long as both party accept and love one another, nothing else really matters. Nothing in the world can every break that love between two person.

Lucas proofed his love from the bottom of this heart to this woman which is eight years older than him. Time goes by and she finally realised that people change; from a childish immature boy, he became a man. She accepted the fact that she loves him and nothing will ever change that.

Marriage is not everything. As long as you are happy and healthy, living your dream, you will be the luckiest person in the world.

So you see, you still can become the a queen without having to be the royal family.

Must watch the show! =D

p/s: Don't miss me while I'm away!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shut down for the holidays.

Have you ever felt like your brain is not working during the holidays? Well, mine is. Seriously, I have like a pile of homework undone. And I have been putting lots of effort in doing them for the past 4 hours but my brain just doesn't want to work!

I'm like going for OBS in less than a week and only returning during the last week of December. How am I suppose to finish all those homework man.  Although the holiday is like super duper boring.. but I just wish I didn't have to go back to school study. Or maybe take my results.

You know, I konon-nye borrow around 10 books to read during the holidays but and guess how many I have read so far? ONE!! Acting rajin jerr.. haha.

Talking about the camp. I'm so gonna miss PY's farewell party. Argh! I want to attend it so badly! YK, help me take lotsa photos k. PY, you better not leave without signing that thing. :P
Remember, You took the challenge, so do it.

" After everything that happened, it seems so right but yet so wrong. "

Monday, December 7, 2009

Introducing LOUIS PANG! The well known International photographer.
After the dinner I went over to ask for photo with him. :D hehe..

 Me and Louis.

My cousin came in.
Look at his cameras. @@

It was a wonderful day and night to remember. (;

Enjoy your honeymoon ChooiLeng! Take lotsa photos k.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beauty of life.

I seriously can't believe I slept at 3am last time. I was supposed to sleep right after I finished blogging. Mana tau, 3am only sleep. I was forced to wait for him!!  And that was not it. I couldn't sleep until god knows what time. I was laying in my bed trying to sleep but something kept disturbing me in my sleep. But I was too tired to care what had bothered me. I was so tired. Thanks to you, xxx. haha.. you're to blame.

And I think I woke up way earlier than him. He might even still be sleeping by now. :P sleepypig. Faster wake up lah.

Anyway, today is the 2nd big day for my cousin. I am appointed to sort out the flowers and buttons, I should think that means pinning up the flowers for VIPs. I'm gonna do my hair at 3pm. So early right. Oh well, we are not to be late for this wedding. Warning from the bride. haha..

kay then, will post some pictures up soon.

Leng's Wedding

My first time ever attending a garden wedding and it was a good one. It was beautiful. So simple yet so nice. The theme was white and pink. And the decorations were just so pretty. I wonder how would it be like if the wedding was held by the beach. That would be like a dream come true. haha. Ooo Oo!! And the wedding cake was deliciousss! Pure chocolate and icing! Made by Just Heavenly. At first I was like thinking whether to eat because it is so fattening. But after that I was like, whattheheck. Just eat lah. I ate a few slices. Yummy, man. You would say the exact same thing if you tried it.

This is a short post. I'm going to post some nice photos in the next one because there are more coming up in the tomorrow's dinner. so, stay tune! :D

I met Louis Pang at the wedding today. At first I didn't know who he was, until my cousins were saying that it was Louis Pang, and I was like ok. I don't know who he is but I should think he is like some well known pro photographer. I was taking photos during the tea ceremony and he approached me and asked what was the model of the camera I was using. I was like, blurred out. Didn't know what to say. Sorry. Blame the nervousness.. haha.. He also said that I was good. I was like okayy. But I'm just a beginner, both my brothers are like way way better than me.

I can't believe he cost so much. Gawd. He earns a year's salary in like 2 days. Crazy. But he's camera cost 30k. So, I guess that would be covering up his cost. haha..I also love his fish eye lens! It is so cool!

Talking about photography, I think I prefer taking pictures of people. Although I'm still not good at it. But it's nice. I'm not so good at taking pictures of things. My cousin like taking macro shots. They take nice macro shots.

Well, a short post ended up being a not so long one. I better get going to bed. Night people!

Before I go ,

May your marriage be a beautiful and happy one.

Friday, December 4, 2009


First piece of news :   PHOEBE IS BACK, PEOPLE!

I finally got my blog back! It's back to normal again.. and I also found a way to get back all my old posts... They are still my old life, things that I can look back and laugh.. haha.. =D

Another news is that my cousin is getting married, TOMORROW! Best thing is, she is having a garden wedding, which is my first time going to a garden wedding. Worst thing is, my face seems to be allergy to big events. Pimples are popping out like nobody's business. It's like volcano now. and the wedding is tomorrow! TOMORROW! aaaa~ 

I took some pictures at PY's farewell. It is up in my facebook. Not very nice but they are still memories to keep. One thing I have to say is that boys are always boys. Simple and easy. Well, my bestie - AliciaLim, couldn't make it. Therefore, I was practically alone.  I really wished you were there.. And I am so gonna miss PY. 4 years. I can't believe it. He would be 19 by the time he finishes.. ohgawd.

Alright, toodles!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Hi people. As you can see, all my old posts are missing due to some problem with my old blog. I had to make a new blog. So, it's going to be a new beginning I guess.

Wait for me to reconstruct my blog alright. 


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blog under construction again.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Movie Update!

 Yo people! Have you guys watched 2012? If you haven't, please make an intention to watch it. To me, it is great. Although there are some effects are a bit unreal. Apart from that, it was just fabulous. The theme is very simple yet meaningful. Maybe it is a warning for us.

And I really think that there will be an end to this world eventually. When? I don't know but it will happen. Maybe it's a cycle you know? The world? After few thousand years, the world will end, then it will start all over again?

I have a very good proof that the show is good. My MOM. Out of 100 shows she watch, she have never once stayed awake throughout the show. But this time, even though she was very sleepy, her eyes were WIDE open. Conclusion to that, 2012 is worth the watch.

So, GO! if you haven't watched it.

Now, I'm just waiting for NEW MOON to be released. Who wanna go watch? I CAN'T WAIT!!


Monday, November 23, 2009


I have never met a guy that lifeless like you. No aim, no direction, no nothing. Wei, are you planning to let time make the decision for you? Cmon' lah, just because of that one person, make you so lifeless? Are you stupid or something? Alright, I excuse you for a one month or so.Please for goodness sake, find something to look forward to. Think about your future or something.

Everything is like nothing to you. Lazy lazy lazy. What also lazy. So pig.

Someone asked me, Are you sure you want this kind of guy ar? So lazy so lifeless. That made me realize something. Luckily I never got involved with you. It's good you had someone else. haha.

Don't worry, you are still my good friend. IF you are not that lifeless. You might be my crush then, but I guess not anymore.

You know what, I'm going to set a NO GUYS rule in my next year's commitments. :D Good right? haha.

Again, Get a Life. It's your story to make, Not others. You are living your life, Not others.

Do you think I'm talking pieces of crap? Maybe I am, but I think I have some points there. =P Ignore me. I'm just got back my blogging bug. haha.

Late update.

Did I tell you guys that I went for Art Expo 09 last Thursday? So, I did. It was in MATRADE Centre. Just like last year. I can't believe one year has gone again. I still remember I just starting going for art classes then. Now, it's the second time I'm going for the Art Expo already. This year, I went with my teachers, their daughter and another classmate of mine.

Nice pictures.. Many korean painter. Rich koreans. We had Digital Art too, this year.

An unfortunate thing happened this year is that I didn't have enough camera battery to take finish all the pictures. I thought I had full battery but I ended up having 2 bars left when I went there. So I only got to take half of the pictures there. Wasted lah. Cheh.. I only got to take around 100+ pictures.

I also got to meet my teacaher's friends. Nick Shoong and Philip Wong. Philip has an art gallery in Star Hill and Nick is a model working for him. Philip is doing his research on Human Mind. With just lines, he can make such a complex organ into a simple and yet beautiful painting representing it. Love it. Can't wait to visit his gallery one day. Guess what, he will also be launching his hand-painted ties by the end of January I think. Very nicely done ties.

Well, Nick is Philip's worker. Who is also going to model for his Ties. Nick might be skinny on the face but my teacher told me he have quite a well built abs. And he is sibeh tall. He said that he have been pulled since young. haha. Quite a friendly guy, he is. I was a wonderful opportunity for my to meet such wonderful people.

But seriously, if you attended the expo, you will be amazed by the skills the artist there have. Omg. I wish I can paint as good as them, man. They make it so real. You might even have doubts whether those paintings are real.

There were a group of Mt Kiara school students who went there too. AngMohs.

Oh well, stay tune! I will post up some nice paintings.

Edit #1:
I found some pictures. Upload these first. Enjoy

ArtSeni Booth

Teacher's Wife and daughter.

Max and his painting on the left.

Max. Nick.

Philip. Max. Nick.

Philip. YongShee. Nick

The Human Mind.

Seee. You can sell any kind of painting as long as there is buyer.

Cute right?

It's a chinese word which means going back to where you came from.
The third picture you see is made out of paper money. The real ones.

My favourite!

I like this too.

It's a poster I found interesting.

Would you put it this face sculpture in your house?

Teacher trying to kiss the face.


Fascinated by the little stuff there.

Do you know what is that thing? because I don't.

Can you paint something that real?


Can you see how BIG is the apples now?

Next edit is the paintings only.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm back! How was your Halloween?? I had my first Halloween Party at Brittany's house. My very first one.

Well, I went to school and Brittany's mom picked me up to go to her house along with Quinny and Sumei. And the first one to pop out of the car was Brittany with blood splattered all over her. Her eyes were all dark...

And I was like oh shit. Brittany is already in her costume and Quinny had her witch hat but I don't. What was worst was her mom was taking us to Subang Parade for lunch. I was like WHAT!? I thought we were going to be in her house! I didn't even have a costume myself and I planned on wearing my pyjamas!

You know what? I really had to wear my pyjamas to SUBANG PARADE! I couldn't believe I did that. ohmygod. Brittany was laughing at me the whole time we were in Subang Parade. And she really had guts to walk around the mall in her blooddy body and scary eyes. What a waste that she didn't put on the scary face, she could have scared alot of people. Someone even asked her if she could take a photo with them. haha.

6 of us, including Ai Choo and Hoi Xian had lunch at Manhattan. Ern Yi joined us after that. Then we wandered around the mall. Well, although Brittany didn't get to scare people but she did manage to make a little kid fall down. That kid was staring at her and suddenly he fell down. After that we headed back to her house. 

One thing I can say is that her house is huge! Love the garden, the decorations and last but not least, her home theater. We played Mafia but it wasn't that successful because AiChoo and HoiXian had to go back. So we started taking photos and talked and played. We also took some jumping shots.

From the left, AiChoo, HoiXian, Sumei, ErnYi, Quinny, and Brittany.

Taking pictures.

Sumei and her sweet smile.

 Quinny! Her perfect jumping shot.

Sumei and Quinny. 

 ErnYi. Brittany. Quinny. Sumei.
Sumei was doing some kicking move.

Four of them again, this time everyone were off the ground.

 Posing for the camera!

Quinny and the Zombie Brittany.

Sumei and Me.

 That was in her toilet. I didn't realise it was there until I was inside. xD

 A skull that makes the most annoying sound. haha.

 Her father cut the pumpkin for us. =D

 Brittany's pyjamas pants that I wore around Subang Parade.

 Us again. (;

It was movie time! The five of us watched The Uninvited. My first scary show in like a "Thousand" years. At the end of the show, I lost my voice. haha. I was shocked that my voice went missing as I didn't really shout much. The show was nice but really confusing, we even had to have a discussion about what the show was about after the show. We were so funny. Around 8 I think, we had Dominos for dinner with her brothers and cousins plus her dad.

Her Home Theater.

I want to have one in my house too!

Preparing for the movie.

After the first show, we took our shower then we went to around for trick o treat, but it was too late, so most of the kids of her neighbours were asleep. Only one house the kids were still awake. Then we also got back some chocolates from her neighbours. haha.. Some of her neighbours were even shocked to hear someone knocking their doors in the middle of the night. haha. No Halloween mood at all.

 Brittany tearing the blood of her.

 Me and Sumei waiting for them to watch the second movie.

 Our Chocolates!

 Grudge 2

 Hannah Montana Movie

We finished our movies at 5 am in the morning and I actually slept during the Hannah Montana movie. haha. xD And we actually planned to wake up at 10 in the morning but end up waking up at 12 noon. 

We had breakfast, and lunch. Two meals together. And my stomach nearly burst! haha. Then we watch Pink Panther. Quinny's mom came to fetch her up and left Sumei and I. Mommy picked us up at around 5.

It was a great Halloween party although we didn't really had scary outfit. First timers. Next year, we will be back with our scary costumes. BEWARE!
Till then.