Thursday, January 1, 2009



How was your New Year's Eve?
I had a wonderful time!
I had BBQ party at my cousin's house. We thought no one was going to show up but in the end everyone showed up. They wasn't even enough food! We the kids have to eat the left over food. xD

New year, new gift. My gift was burnt toes. I burnt my toes because I was so damn smart to go and step a burning fire. And my toes still hurt even until now. zzz. I couldn't go jogging because of my burnt toes, they hurt so much. And after I burnt my toes, I kept droping stuff. BAD LUCK.

After dinner, the adults started their conversation. My cousin off all the lights and blasted the living room. We were shy to dance along at first but after that, everyone started dancing. (: Dance like no one is looking, dance like there is no tomorrow, dance like you don't care.

At about time to New Year, we were looking for the time, the right time, because everyone's time was different. So, my cousin said : " on the TV! on the TV!" TV 3 didn't have countdown, TV7 also didn't have countdown, TV8! (: They were showing the live countdown at The Curve. The fireworks already started so we thought chehh... over already lahh.. Pula they go back to quickie tv8, back to the so call their time zone and started counting down. haha.. so we all countdown together.

So, that's how I celebrated my New Year's Eve. I slept at 1.30am because everyone went back already, so I also went back. Such a boring day.


You smsed me. I really don't understand you, you know that? Why are you so scared? Being good friends is not a crime ok? I'm just trying to make our friendship stronger but you for some reason don't let me. Haizz.

You wrote" What can I do to help you?"
I write sey, ediug em.

I really don't understand. zzzz...

I'm such a drama queen. :P

Back at Chengmai.

That's the little girl I met in Cheng Mai.
Very very naughty and talkative one. hehe.
Cute right.

I miss Coachie!
Can't wait to go back for training but I so cha.. Siasui myself.


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