Friday, January 30, 2009


Thanks guys! For coming over. And sorry I wasn't a good host.

Rong, JunWee, PinYaw, VeeSern, ChunSeng, Chee Seong, Jessica, Rusdi, Lee Xiuan were gambling.
Chong Ke, was ChunSeng and Lee Xiuan. Lost about 100+80.
Jessica won quite alot.
Rong won back his 130.

Alicia, Tiff, Xuefen and I was gossiping in my room. Awhile. But they didn't come for long. I'm sorry girls. I'm not a good host.

After that, 2nd group came after that at about 6.30pm. And Rong , JunWee and Chee Seong came back to my house. Gambled again. (: I won! hehehe! Rong also won 20 bucks from Chee Seong. He damn lucky man! maybe because hes got my luck! haha! Coz I also won! :P joking lah. He is lucky himself.

about 10. everyone left except Rong and JunWee. And the funniest thing was, JunWee was chasing Rong around because he doesn't want to stay and wait for JunWee.. My goodness. SO CUTE. haha!

End up, Rong left and JunWee was alone. We were outside playing with STARLI! Naughty girl.

Now, I'm here alone, showered, waiting for someone.

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