Thursday, February 26, 2009

Are you there?

I wanted to grab whole of you so that you wouldn't go away,
but when I did,
You disappeared into thin air.
Where are you?
Are you going to leave me alone in this dark?

Even though it's just a dream, I wish it continues because
this way, I will get to see you everyday.
You are my drug.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Late Post

Happy belated birthday to
3rd Feb - HOOI
13th Feb - SHERLYN
16th Feb - XUEFEN

Sorry for the late wishes and post. Wish you girls all the best. May your dreams come true.

Exam is next week and I haven't touch my books. Great.

I'm so lost, confused and what not. So much things to say but nothing can come out.

My kakak which worked for my family for 7+ years is going back for good. WHY? My daily life is so gonna change. zzz....


Friday, February 13, 2009

Any plans?

Hey people!
It's Valentines' tomorrow! What are you doing??
I'm doing nothing. So, Great!
Haha! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day!

LiLi, LaiWei and Grace gave me a late birthday present. Thanks guys. (:
It's a toy dog and they named it PaoPao. We were playing with it the whole day. haha.

And, Alicia is ditching me again tomorrow.

And and, librarian is so freaking tiring. I thought it was a fun job to do. End up, need to do this need to do that. Crazy people.

It's time I realize I need to change.


Life is hard
I need you to make me smile again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For the better.

I just don't have the mood to teach you stuff because you think you are the smartest.
Not that I'm selfish or whatever.
You are just hard to work with.
You always repeat those words.
It's frustrating.

I will stick up with you for her.
I will do it for her. Not for you.

It's really hard but I will try.


Monday, February 9, 2009

A shower of sweat.

I'm sorry for the trouble Alicia, and to your dad. Shouldn't have troubled you guys.

Anyway, I went for a jog instead. 8 rounds in 30 minutes. Sweated like a pig. After so long, I finally sweat again. Really sweat. That's good news.

I stop exercising for a week and that whole week I was so damn tired. And because I need to study, I decided to get up from my lazy butt and start exercising. Hope it will help me study.



Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The computer is too tempting. I know I"m not suppose to use it already but AAA!! Damn hard!

Anyway, I downloaded Bride Wars. So slow! That is also another reason why I keep coming near the computer, to check whether the download is finished. zzz..

And, There is going to be a party at Alicia's house. Can't wait. This is why I say that I still don't have the mood for studying. It's like, CNY is not even over, dude! Enjoy first!

Oh Oh! And and! THANKS, ALICIA, HOOOI, TIFFANY, XUEFEN! Thanks for the lovely present! I love it very much. muaks!

Besides that, I don't know how much happier I am after I have finally opened up my mind about ending the relationship with him. I regretted quite deeply but I glad I ended it. I know he is a gentleman but he just have some issues you know. Issues. I don't care if he doesn't talk to me anymore. Maybe it's just better that way.

It's like it have been a year since we last talked.
So torturing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Alicia is right. I better stop blogging and start studying.

No more blogging,
No more thinking about stupid stuff,
And start doing revisions!

PMR is on 7-9 and 12-13 Oct. That is like 7 more months!! I still have got form 1 and form 2 to cover! SHIT!

I hate examinations, make people so damn stressed. zzz.

Bye people.