Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby, it is a fact.
that doesn't change.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Have you watched the show?
if you haven't then you better go get the pirated DVD and watch because I think the cinema is not showing anymore.
The show is really touching.

Slumdog Millionaire
Rate 10/10

this boy is so cute.

The story line is very nice. It's about a boy, he and his brother struggles through life. And Jamal the younger brother never gives up in finding this destined love by joining " Who Wants to be a Millionaire " . Where else his brother Salim never understands what what the real meaning of life. It is kinda hard to explain. You just watch then tell me whether it is nice or not, ok. I'm sure you will. (:

This movie has won 8 Oscar awards.
So, are you still hesitating whether or not to watch this show?

This is a " MUST WATCH " movie .
you can trust me.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey earthlings!


I'm so busy these few days.
Doing the " lame " librarian stuff. It's stupid and I really don't want to do it. I'm doing it only because it can be good for my application. Yeah. For the scholarship. I really hope to get this scholarship. I want to go and learn to be independent and try living on my own and maybe, only maybe, I would like it. So, it is a nice opportunity for me.

And I'm really sorry, Alicia, and Jessica. Sorry I'm abit busy these few days. Sorry guys.

So, next week is a holiday. What are you going to do? and What am I, going to do? I actually suppose to attend a camp organized by the librarian group but it is canceled because of the dengue cases and I'm kinda happy because if I had to attend it, then half of my holiday is gone. I could stay home and do some more useful things and get some work that is supposedly be done long time ago done.

I have also decided to take part in some english drama thing. Never before I have taken part in this kind of competition and so I'm going to try. Can help me with my co-operation skills too.

A friend once asked me, is my life colorful? Is it memorable? And today, my teacher asked us to write an essay about my childhood. I started thinking. What was my childhood days? It seem like I didn't have any nice memories to write about. Nothing. Nothing at all. And then I thought, maybe I should start to create my own memories, memories that can make me laugh when I think back in about 30 or 40 years time. Isn't that what life is all about? Making memories that can last forever?

Anyway, there is this promotion on the trip to Japan. Are you going? I want to go too! :( That is I can convince my parents to let me go. Haha.. So, will see.

Oh, yyeah.. Congrats to those that passed their SPM with flying colours. I got a friend that got 10 A1 and 2 A2. Damn it. And what about the 20 A1 student that came out on the newspaper? Are they crazy or something? or are they just too smart? I hope I can get that kind of results too. haha. PMR also not yet sit want to think about SPM. What lah. xD

So, I think thats it for this week. Have to cut down the usage of the computer already because it's MARCH! Time fliesss... And it's time I did something....


Actually? why am I so happy... zzzzz.. I'm working hard but it's just not working. I don't know why. I'm stupid, I know.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


GOD, I'm so exhausted!
And now I finally know that I'm physically unfit.

I went for yoga with mummy today. The first time after 2 years of pestering. And I can't even do it till the end. I nearly fainted. I could feel my whole body lacking of oxygen. I could not breath properly.

The yoga master said that I better improve in my breathing if not I'm likely to get high blood pressure that will also lead to kidney failure, and if I have kidney failure, that means I need to go through dialysis, having to go through dialysis is a such a torture that I would want to suicide and that's not a good sign.

IT was so so so embarrassing, when I stopped to rest and my face was as white as snow white. omg. So embarrassing, you know. All the old people can do it but I, can't even do it and I'm so much younger than them! gosh..

Now, I'm tired and I want to sleep but I can't because I just ate, and if I did sleep, I would grow fatter and fatter. So, I'm not going to sleep, instead I'm going to continue using the computer or go watch television. Which means, that is going to last for the whole day. And then I'm going out to my aunt's house at night. Conclusion, I won't be studying when I'm SUPPOSE to study.

So, I need to change my plan for today. I'm going to shower now, then take a rest till 12. Have lunch, and then start burying my head in the books for the rest of the afternoon which is likely not going to happen, maybe a few hours but not the whole afternoon. :P

So much of the WILL POWER that I have got, huh? haha.

I want to go for a movie! I want to watch SLUMDOG! Anyone interested? Maybe Monday?

I'm bored.

That is what I'm suppose to be doing.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Should I do it?

Should I go ?
I have been doing so much thinking, there is so much on my mind. I don't know whether I would but things was going to change if I did get it.Everything, was going to change. Sometimes, I thought, if I would have gone, it would be a great opportunity to get my mind of you, and things. But if I did, I wouldn't be able to go for art classes, music classes, family gathering at my cousins house, everything that I normally do. I'm still not ready to be so independent, I thought I was but I'm just not. Things was so going to change if I got it.

Everyone wants me to give it a try. It's a good opportunity and experience.
Should I ?

Why does life give us so much trouble? I have so much trouble with decision making. It's just so hard. And yeah, I made the decision, I'm stopping basketball for this year's MSSD. It was a hard decision to make but I made it. It was for the best, if I don't want to have trouble walking when I'm old and cranky. GOOD LUCK to my teammates! I will be there to support you guys.

And I want to thank you to you, for being my friend. I know we quarreled, but we made up. I'm glad we did it. It's so nice you have a friend like you, a friend that is always by me, making me smile even when you are going through hard times. I never should have ask for more and I'm happy with now. You can keep reminding me that. I will do my best for the better.

You constantly tell me to study hard because you don't want me to regret it later on. I know, and I understand. I want to study hard. I want to make you guys proud but it is so hard. It is so hard for me to want to do it. So hard.

Anyway, I better get going now. There is so much things going on and I wish things will just get better. Less stress and more clear minds.

A kindergarten.
Could this be any cooler?
Well, I wish my house was this cool.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Darkness Scares

I'm afraid. I'm confused.
I can't help thinking that one day... one day...
Will it finally happen that I can never be in there?
Maybe not finally, could I ever be in there?

Just thinking about make me hurt so badly.
I wish, I wish, everything will change in time.
But I'm afraid it won't.

We must always put effort in achieving something and never give up even though there are barriers to stop us from achieving it.
Aren't you the one that taught me that?

Maybe it's all in my head.
Maybe you and I will start realizing...

Could someone bring me a candle?
It is so dark in here.