Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, ER GER! (;

Although I hate you,
but how long can siblings hate each other?

I drew him a birthday card. You know what character I drew?
hahahah! :P

I changed Shin Chan's hair to long hair, made him wear glasses which looks exactly like my brother.. hahahha!

Anyway, we just came back from Dragon-i and also from 100 Yen ice-cream. I tell you good icre-cream. NICE. must try. It is at Bukit tinggi there. I can't tell you specificly where but if you really want to go and try it, just go drive pass the shops there lah. :P But I'm sure you will not regret going to look for it. (:

Anyway, I'm not having quite a holiday. It's boring.

Oh yeah! Before I forget.

Come to my aunt's Casa Cafe at the MENARA ING there. On that building itself, behind MayBank. On friday. 988 is coming. Must come must come! ;D
Any information, please ask.

Err.. for your information. I'm not using my number anymore. Don't ask why please. I don't know when I'm going to get a new one, but currently, i'm not using any phone. For some reason. If you want to contact me. Call my house phone lah. :P

So, that is for now I guess. Update when I update! (:

p/s : hey boy, how are you doing in your exams? still coping? :P

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