Monday, November 23, 2009


I have never met a guy that lifeless like you. No aim, no direction, no nothing. Wei, are you planning to let time make the decision for you? Cmon' lah, just because of that one person, make you so lifeless? Are you stupid or something? Alright, I excuse you for a one month or so.Please for goodness sake, find something to look forward to. Think about your future or something.

Everything is like nothing to you. Lazy lazy lazy. What also lazy. So pig.

Someone asked me, Are you sure you want this kind of guy ar? So lazy so lifeless. That made me realize something. Luckily I never got involved with you. It's good you had someone else. haha.

Don't worry, you are still my good friend. IF you are not that lifeless. You might be my crush then, but I guess not anymore.

You know what, I'm going to set a NO GUYS rule in my next year's commitments. :D Good right? haha.

Again, Get a Life. It's your story to make, Not others. You are living your life, Not others.

Do you think I'm talking pieces of crap? Maybe I am, but I think I have some points there. =P Ignore me. I'm just got back my blogging bug. haha.

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