Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beauty of life.

I seriously can't believe I slept at 3am last time. I was supposed to sleep right after I finished blogging. Mana tau, 3am only sleep. I was forced to wait for him!!  And that was not it. I couldn't sleep until god knows what time. I was laying in my bed trying to sleep but something kept disturbing me in my sleep. But I was too tired to care what had bothered me. I was so tired. Thanks to you, xxx. haha.. you're to blame.

And I think I woke up way earlier than him. He might even still be sleeping by now. :P sleepypig. Faster wake up lah.

Anyway, today is the 2nd big day for my cousin. I am appointed to sort out the flowers and buttons, I should think that means pinning up the flowers for VIPs. I'm gonna do my hair at 3pm. So early right. Oh well, we are not to be late for this wedding. Warning from the bride. haha..

kay then, will post some pictures up soon.

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