Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Currently trying to get myself drunk. But to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, I'm so not drunk.

How is your New Year's Eve Celebration? Mine is so pathetic. Got kind of 'Good News' and so damn bad news. Good news is, I got into the fourth class, instead of like fifth or sixth. And the Bad news is, I'm stuck with my not so close friends. For two years. OMGawd. Hopefully I survive.

Oh, and also. Happy Sweet 16, Laii!! (; Love ya! All the best in the future.

Bye now, I'm gonna go partayy!

Seriously, I'm still NOT DRUNK!

CHEERS To a NEW YEAR, for good health, and good everything. =DD
Love all my friends out there. To our long lasting friendship.
&, to you, hope you're winning! But you don't have my lucky kiss. :P  SO I guess you're not. blek.

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