Thursday, January 28, 2010

Out of the plenty.

Have you realized how fast time went by? It's already end of January. Fourth week of schooling days. The next thing, Chinese New Year will be here and Valentine's Day also of course. :D  I'm pretty sure those lovey-dovey couples can't wait for Valentine's Day to come. Haha. But well, I Can't wait for CHINESE NEW YEAR!  Oh yeah, angpaooo.. ^^

My life is really busy nowadays. =( Form 4 life is so NOT a honey moon year. But I'm really grateful because there are some people's life that are more hectic than mine. Really pity them. What a life we have right? Such boring life, no excitement at all. Oh well, Student ma, we are meant to be studying, what kind of life do you expect?? Old people always say that.

As much as I wish I don't have to go and do my homework now, I'm going to. -.- Just to get things off my back.

And before I go, ALICIA! What happened to you?? You missed PE two times already! Have you not realized that?


p/s: Get well soon!! Drink lotsa water and get more rest please.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birth anniversary.

First of all, I would like to say thank you to all my friends who wished me. Really appreciate it alot. Love you guys.  All except one.

I had 4 birthday songs today. One at library, one after duty, one at S3 and one at dinner. Had dinner with family. My one scoop green tea ice-cream cake. Well, it's better than nothing. Simple birthday this year. But I wished you guys were here to celebrate with me. Really miss you guys. =( 

Will post up some pictures later k. :D

Oh well, gtg.. Haven't done my homework also.

I hope that it will be a great year ahead. :) Good health, good studies, and good ....

p/s:  should i be disappointed?

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Can someone date me for a movie, please?

The Spy Next Door or ToothFairy.

Birthday falls on a weekday, which means nobody is free to celebrate with me. Might as well celebrate it earlier. But it seems like no one is free too. :(
If so, I guess I have to celebrate my birthday alone with Baskin Robin ice-cream then. sobs. Oh well, life is like that.  Pathetic right.

Kay lah. Gotta go now to finish up some work. HOMEWORK, I HATE YOU. buh bye.
Haha. I learnt a new word today. 

I.L.B. - International Lazy Bum!

                                                                                             Exactly what you should be called. :P

p/s: m.y. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

 FINE THEN!  :( 
cheap skate :P

Hey stalker. I know you are reading this. Do you know what day is coming soon? I think you know la hor. :P


There, Updated. hhehe. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend is gone again.

Awww.  The weekend is gone again. Monday is here. You might be excited but not me. I'm totally exhausted with school and tuition and homework. I wonder how those people survive form 4 man. It's like tuition is unexceptional to most, which means at least, 4 subjects. Which would like take up 3-4 days of your time. Homework is like piles and piles of them. For example. Add maths question, 1 question 20 minutes ( for the hard ones ) x 10 question? 3 hours and 20 minutes. You get me? Crazy.

Apart from that, in form 4, it seems like doing revision is also unexceptional for the 3 sciences subject which is Chemistry, Physics and Biology to be able to catch up with the teacher. So, school, tuition, homework, revision. No time for sleep and computer also. The only time is weekend. Gawd. Form 4 like is crazy lah.

Now, looking forward to weekends is like looking forward to your birthday. So, mind me if I get all excited about the weekend. xD

Anyway, talking about birthdays. I still can't decide whether I should celebrate my birthday this year. After all, it's my sweet sixteen. hehe. Getting older. @.@ But, never mind. One more year, I can drive already! Weeeee!! :P So, what do ya think? Should I celebrate? It won't be on the actual day because my birthday falls on the Tuesday. So either the weekend before or after. And on the other hand, everybody will be busy with tuitions and stuff. =(( How ???

Gotta go now. Toodles! =D

p/s: I want to watch TOOTHFAIRY!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Form 4 seems like HELL. I hope I survive.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last day before the end.

For those who will be back to school on Monday, enjoy the very last minute and second of the day! Cause holiday is so over! It's back to school days. Some of you might be excited and happy about it but I'm feeling the total opposite. I don't feel like going back to school, although I have no idea what I will do at home. haha. After I have been to Outward Bound School, I was actually thinking about how great it would be if that was my real school. That would be so so AWESOME. Nothing but outdoor stuff. Haha. I'm so dreaming.

And to tell you the truth, I'm so not ready to go back to school.  I haven't even packed my stationary, books and I don't know what else. Yikesss! I don't want to go back to school! My weekly activity is like fully packed with tuitions. Monday to Friday all full, you know.
Siao eh.

My 2010 Resolution
1. Play less computer.
2. Study harder.
3. Make some nice memories with my friends.
4. Improve on my photography skills
5. Hopefully learn dancing and guitar.
6. Join the debate.
7. Continue being single.=D
8. Go on AFS exchange student program.
9. Go for OBS again. Maybe as a CA.
10. Improve of my drawing skills. 
11. Read the freaking newspapers. xD 
12. Have a goal in life. 
13. Change my bad habits. 
14. Improve on my languages.

Oh well, not too sure whether I can make it all come true. xD But at least I try. 


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Currently trying to get myself drunk. But to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, I'm so not drunk.

How is your New Year's Eve Celebration? Mine is so pathetic. Got kind of 'Good News' and so damn bad news. Good news is, I got into the fourth class, instead of like fifth or sixth. And the Bad news is, I'm stuck with my not so close friends. For two years. OMGawd. Hopefully I survive.

Oh, and also. Happy Sweet 16, Laii!! (; Love ya! All the best in the future.

Bye now, I'm gonna go partayy!

Seriously, I'm still NOT DRUNK!

CHEERS To a NEW YEAR, for good health, and good everything. =DD
Love all my friends out there. To our long lasting friendship.
&, to you, hope you're winning! But you don't have my lucky kiss. :P  SO I guess you're not. blek.