Thursday, January 28, 2010

Out of the plenty.

Have you realized how fast time went by? It's already end of January. Fourth week of schooling days. The next thing, Chinese New Year will be here and Valentine's Day also of course. :D  I'm pretty sure those lovey-dovey couples can't wait for Valentine's Day to come. Haha. But well, I Can't wait for CHINESE NEW YEAR!  Oh yeah, angpaooo.. ^^

My life is really busy nowadays. =( Form 4 life is so NOT a honey moon year. But I'm really grateful because there are some people's life that are more hectic than mine. Really pity them. What a life we have right? Such boring life, no excitement at all. Oh well, Student ma, we are meant to be studying, what kind of life do you expect?? Old people always say that.

As much as I wish I don't have to go and do my homework now, I'm going to. -.- Just to get things off my back.

And before I go, ALICIA! What happened to you?? You missed PE two times already! Have you not realized that?


p/s: Get well soon!! Drink lotsa water and get more rest please.

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