Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend is gone again.

Awww.  The weekend is gone again. Monday is here. You might be excited but not me. I'm totally exhausted with school and tuition and homework. I wonder how those people survive form 4 man. It's like tuition is unexceptional to most, which means at least, 4 subjects. Which would like take up 3-4 days of your time. Homework is like piles and piles of them. For example. Add maths question, 1 question 20 minutes ( for the hard ones ) x 10 question? 3 hours and 20 minutes. You get me? Crazy.

Apart from that, in form 4, it seems like doing revision is also unexceptional for the 3 sciences subject which is Chemistry, Physics and Biology to be able to catch up with the teacher. So, school, tuition, homework, revision. No time for sleep and computer also. The only time is weekend. Gawd. Form 4 like is crazy lah.

Now, looking forward to weekends is like looking forward to your birthday. So, mind me if I get all excited about the weekend. xD

Anyway, talking about birthdays. I still can't decide whether I should celebrate my birthday this year. After all, it's my sweet sixteen. hehe. Getting older. @.@ But, never mind. One more year, I can drive already! Weeeee!! :P So, what do ya think? Should I celebrate? It won't be on the actual day because my birthday falls on the Tuesday. So either the weekend before or after. And on the other hand, everybody will be busy with tuitions and stuff. =(( How ???

Gotta go now. Toodles! =D

p/s: I want to watch TOOTHFAIRY!

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