Saturday, March 20, 2010


To be honest, it only rained for like half an hour and the water level has already rose till in front of my gate. And my house is counted as the high ones already. I wonder what will happened if it continued to rain for one hour or so. I think that time can go swimming already. Free swimming pool. @@

 The water current pulled those branches up till the porch of my house..

 See how high the water level is?

See, I told you you can go swimming. :D 

Closer view?

  Opposite my house.

Before I end, my dog wants to say something. 
She's giving me that face. 

p/s : Holidays are almost up, and I haven't finish doing my homework yet.
Although holidays are boring, but it is still better than going to school. 
Anyone agree??

Roxanne. :)

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