Friday, March 19, 2010

Penang BRATs 2010

From the B to the E to the S to the T. BEST WORKSHOP~

Hi people! I'm back from BRATs. I know I know, I'm a little late. I'm sorry. But apart from that, did anyone see me on the Newspaper? :DD I don't look nice in that picture but who cares la. As long as I'm in the PAPERS! haha. And that is something cool okay. I have been on the papers twice. Once was when I was in primary, both our girl and guys basketball team got Champion for Mini Olympics Games.

Okay okay, let's not get carried away. So you want to know how good the workshop is? you really wanna know? Go find out yourself because I can't describe how good it is until you experienced it yourself. But since the entries are closed already, maybe you can try it out next year. Look out for the BRATs program advertisement on the papers ( i'm sure you read newspaper, right? ) in the beginning of the year. I don't know what they might ask you to do but this year, we had to submit an essay or photo essay or video about ourselves.

And in my opinion, if you are really willing and ready to learn new things, joining the BRATs is something that you should try out. It really opens up door of opportunity for you. After I've been to this workshop, I realised that there are alot more out there that I could do. Journalism is not anymore old fashioned. You don't only report about news and accidents and conflicts and all. I mean, you do write on things like that but, now it includes more. Like telling stories. You might be a photographer and still become a journalist. Or a videographer... and still be a journalist. As long as people gets the message that you are trying to tell.

Besides that, NikiCheong, gave us a little talk on Social Networking. And how it affects our modern life nowadays. I mean, the most popular ones; Facebook and Twitter... as you know, it is for us to get connected with people. And seriously, with twitter, you get to know newsflash way way faster than anyone else that reads the newspaper. I'm not say that reading the newspaper is not good la. But, with twitter, you can know the latest news in like the very next second it happened. Not like one day after it happened.

Do you realise that I'm talking too much all of a sudden? To be honest, I don't know why. I guesss my blog bug is bugging me right now. :)

Oh, another thing that I want to share. Blogging, it's like a diary but the difference is, people read them. You are writing for people to read them. And I'm pretty sure you guys have been to those bloggers who gets very high hits in a day. They actually earn money just by writing blog. Have you ever been curious how they do it.? Well, just blog, I mean do what you love the most, blog. You might not get people to come to your blog in a single day but your readers will eventually grow by the days and months or even years. As long as you write about something that interest and attract them, you will get your readers. And when you get lots of hits, maybe companies like DIGI or AIRASIA will ask you to promote their products. Like one of the senior BRATs, JessicaTan, she blogs for DIGI and earned herself two BB Curve for free. Apart from that, she also earns side income from the advertisements put on her blog.

SO you see, there is alot of things that can be done out there in this world. I mean just like IvySoon, another facilitator of ours said, " You kids are smart, you have the tools, make the best out of them.  "

Penang BRATs blog.

This is some website you can check out.

Sing Is King ( my group ) 
Doing the SINGLE LADIES pose. :) 

BRATs Family.

Finally, here is to the other BRATs. I MISS YOU GUYS! 
Keep in touch, arite! :))

Signing off, 

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