Sunday, April 18, 2010

CIMB Junior Circuit Selangor Interschool Scrabble Competition

This is my first time ever going for a scrabble competition. And to tell you the truth, I'm not even good at it. Brittany and a few of us that attended the workshop were suppose to go together but they pulled out last minute and therefore I had to go alone. At first I didn't want to go too but I thought ahhh.. just go for it. Get some exposure and experience.

Well, I did gain a lot of experience as it was my first time joining SCRABBLE competition and also playing scrabble with a timer.  Normally, when I played scrabble, I would take my own sweet time to put my words and all.. But during the competition, it was like I never took my eyes of the timer. but of course I was looking at my rack too la...

 The competition in the Hall of SMK Dato' Hamzah, Klang.
( Picture grabbed from HuiJan )

Another truth untold, I didn't actually practice or prepare for the competition at all. does a game with my dad a night before count? ><  Seriously.. I was so busy with school stuff and all, I only decided that I was attending the competition that week itself, around Thursday or so. You might think wtheck, this girl dare to go for competition unprepared? I know, I think I'm crazy myself. But like I said, I wasn't going for the prize or anything. I just wanted to experience what a scrabble competition was like.

Contestants taking their seats on the first round. 

46 tables altogether.
The left side is the players with high points and spread.  

I went into the hall where the competition was held and found myself oddly dressed. Every contestants were in their school uniform and I was the only one in my school Basketball Club shirt. After registering myself, I heard my name being called but then I saw no one I knew. Until someone appeared infront of me. It was HUIJAN! I was so pleased to see her.. I totally wasn't expecting to see my BRATs friend on such occasion.  

Lucky I had her there because I knew totally no one but her. And of course Martin which I met during the workshop. He is the committee member of MSA ( Malaysian Scrabble Association ) and also one of the organizer of the CIMB Scrabble competition.

We had 7 games altogether, 3 before lunch and 4 after lunch. Here, tell you something I find rather funny and stupid.

After every game we play, we will have out points and spread. Then we will be allocated against an opponent. So, if our points and spread are high, we will be allocated to play on the front few tables. But then, I didn't know it was like that until I finished the 5th game. Stupid right?  but, excuse the stupidity, I am still somehow a beginner in Scrabble. 

I was at the 40 + table for the first four games then I went to 20+ the last three games. Not bad right?

The most fun opponent I had was Pragaash, my fifth opponent.  There was a word COG on our board and both of us were really trying to UNCOG our board by adding UN-COG. So I tried changing tiles. And once I managed to uncog the board, there he went and got bingo with the word INSPECTOR.  pfft. He also said that it was his first time ever playing scrabble. Can you believe that? But overall, it was a fun game I must say.

After the fifth round, mummy came to see how was I doing.

At the sixth round, I was so tired and exhausted and my opponent was a 13 year old experienced scrabble player. So I decided to play defensive by using up as much time I could so she wouldn't score more points because I had very bad tiles and I couldn't put any words. 

The whole competition ended around 6 or so. The winner was Jagan who also won the MELAKA CIMB Junior Circuit Scrabble Competition and runner up was William Kang who always sat at the first table which is the highest ranking table.

Final score sheet.
( Picture grabbed from HuiJan

Can you see my BRATs friend in TOP TEN! :D HO HUI JAN!

And me placed at no. 59. For an inexperienced and unprepared player like me, I think it's not bad. At least I'm not the last. ><

Note to self : Must play and practice more! :) Aim for Nationals next year.

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