Friday, April 30, 2010

"Deejay" Roxanne - nice experience

First time up on air. My first time becoming a "radio" deejay. It's not an actual radio station, just a short talking session on the loudspeaker in school. Well, surprisingly I wasn't all scared and nervous. It was fun. I thought I didn't sound like myself, I'm serious; even my parents said so, but my cousin said that he could recognize my voice instantly.

My deejay partner was Sumei. :) Both of us were like taking it slow and steady. Hoping that students were actually listening to us. But as we walked passed classes when we played the "We are the world 25 for Haiti" song, most of the students were like talking among themselves. I guess this whole morning talk really isn't a great idea. What do you think?

Oh well, I just gotta hope that we can actually attract students to listen to us. Like look forward to listen to your talks.

Or maybe we can ask for students' opinion on what they would like to hear. I know many of them want to hear more songs and less talk and well, we told the teacher. But the teacher obviously rejected. She said that that wouldn't be the whole point of this morning talk then. And they won't allow us to play love songs. What's the point then right? All the songs are about love. -.-

We are trying our best to convince the teacher. We will be back after the Mid term exams. Stay tuned alright ! :)

Signing of with my camwhore pic. haha. ><

 View from our Hotel Room in BEIJING! 
I miss Beijing.. 
miss the snow.. 
miss the cold weather.. 


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