Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tokio Hotel Concert

TOKIO HOTEL is down in Malaysia! :D Brought to you by TM Net and the awesome Hitz. FM at 1 Utama!

Alex got me a free ticket! :D Thanks ALEX! 

Featureing POP Shuvit and BUNKFACE! I got to see all three!! Awesome right.. The concert was at 6pm but as usual lah. Malaysian time, sure late. If they say 6pm means 7 or 7.30 only start. And well, it started at 7.30.

People lining up to go in at around 4.30pm.

Alex went to collect the free ticket from his friend for me! :) Tammy came down all the way from Penang to watch Tokio Hotel. But her main purpose coming down to KL is to see us. Alex, Tammy, Claire, Jon, Calson and me.  Alex was the only real fan of Tokio Hotel whereas the rest of us are just going to see Tokio Hotel for the fun of seeing them and because Tammy and Alex got free tickets from RAGE!

Unfortunately, it started to drizzle when the concert was about to start so we came back out. And the rest of the night, we were watching the concert from the outside. It was much better than being inside there squeezing like sardines.. 

 Sticky Candy Shop.

Custom made words in the candy.

Great gift. Can even make I love you in the candy. So cute right..

Watermelon flavor which we got to try for free. ^^ 
It's pretty good.

Gardens Cafe

me, Claire, Sean, Jon, Calson, Trecia, Amanda, Tammy, Alex!

Me and Claire.


Group Photo!

Bus Gang! :) 
I sat bus up to penang with them.

Tammy, Claire, Alex, Me, Jon, Calson, Trecia at Delicious for desert!

Calson, Me, Alex!

Alex and Tammy!

The guys. From left , Ben, Alex, Jon, Calson.


Chocolate BROWNIES with Vanila Ice-cream! Yuumm...

Irresistable! :) 

Thanks for the awesome day guys. :) 

p/s : Huijan, Get well soon! Organize more outings and be sure to come kay! 

some photos grabbed from Ben! :D Credits!

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