Thursday, December 30, 2010

The legacy of TRON

Took my little cousies down to the cinema to catch a show. :D They were so so so excited. I said, okay, take you guys today, now, 3.30pm. And she was like WHAT?! NOW? NOW? NOW? And I continued, YES NOW. Then she was like okay okay okay! Jumping for joy, she called my auntie to pick us and bring along her brother. When I got into the car, the little boy called out, JIE JIE, what show are we going to watch? So I answer, TRON, the very chio one. And he went, PHEW! then said, Yes! He thought I was going to take him to watch a ghost movie.

Cute little boy. He's half a head shorter than his sister which made the ticket seller think that he's a child and counted him as a child ticket while his sister had to buy adult ticket. Sometimes, it's really good to be short. But then, they were both younger than 12, so we manage to get them Children's ticket. My auntie tagged along, so four of us, went for the movie.

I MUST SAY, it is an AWESOME movie! Seriously, nice story line, moral value, actor an actresses, and definitely fantastic GRAPHICS! I actually like the idea and imagination. It's incredible!
See wad I mean?

I wish I had that thing that they use in the movie, the little stick thing that can turn into a bike or plane. SO COOL! I wonder if ever our world would have a technology like that. I'm pretty sure it would save us a lot of time looking for a parking lot and being stuck in the traffic jam every morning. My cousin was like, shing shing~ mimicking the character in the movie. I am pretty shy to say that I was like a kid when I was talking to him after the movie, like telling him how cool it was. I was quite fascinated by the movie I guess. xP Don't mind me; it is nice to sometimes be a kid again okay..

Anyone would like to get me one?
I was freezing when I got out of the cinema. GOSH! It was like -20 degrees! Okay, I'm exaggerating but seriously, it was freakin' COLD! Are all newly renovated cinemas like that? Luckily I was in my shoes, if not my toes would have became ice by the time the movie ended.

Garret Hedlund!!! Omg, he is so so sooooo cute. He, who played Sam Flynn, Kevin Flynn's son. Sam was the one who managed to get into the game his father created which trapped himself in. TRON is a video game which Kevin created. A world perfect world of free information with this system he came up with. He was trying to change the imperfect world and make it perfect, but in that process, things got out of hand.

Well, there's more, but then I don't want to spoil the mood of those who haven't got to watch the movie. So, watch it yourself! I'm sure if you're like me, you would definitely enjoy the movie as much as I do. :D

Seeeee.I told you! That's Garret Hedlund played as Sam Flynn.

Olivia Wilde left as Quorra.The only ISO left in the video game world. Along with Garret Hedlund (Sam Flynn)

Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the creator of TRON the video game.

Jeff & Garret. :D

I'm telling you, Must watch movie before 2010 ends! Catch it in the cinemas if you can! :D I really love the graphics.

Anyway, goodnight people! The night is still young, I know, but I have got an early morning tomorrow so I better head to bed. Enjoy your night! :)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

26 Dec 2010 A day to tie a knot.

Well, my Christmas did not just end there. My cousin's wedding was held one day after Christmas which was also her birthday. How meaningful right. So yeah, I woke up early that morning, got ready and went to the bride's house to prepare for the arrival of the groom.

The estimated time of arrival of the groom was 7.30am and so we were rushing to have our breakfast as we wouldn't have time to eat if they had come. Waited and waited, there was no loud blaring hon that could be heard; THE GROOM WAS RUNNING LATE! Pros and cons. The good side is, we had more time to prepare and the bad side is, we had LESS time to play games on them. For some of you who don't know, the chinese always had this tradition that when the groom come to get the bride, they had to pass the maid of honour (jimui) of the bride first before getting to the bride. This stage is specially made for the groom and his best men (hengdai). They had to accomplish everything.

It was almost 10am when the horns sounded from a distance. Everyone got into their position. The wedding car arrive in front of the house and the fire crackers was lit. Ouch! my ears hurt. Then, my cousin brothers had to open the door for the groom but before that, they negotiated for ANGPAO! XD Guess you could say that this is my family's practice. All my other cousins' wedding went through that. The angpao negotiating part.

Next, the game stage. Shouts and loud voices of the best men could be heard. Then, led on to the room which the bride was in. :)

I could go on and on, but I think you guys will find it a little lengthy. Let me continue a bit more then you can enjoy the pictures aite!

And so, after that, along with the bride and groom, the girl side representatives went over to the groom's to greet their family; showing a sign of approval.

Then the bride an groom will proceed to their house where the bride and groom will get changed then the tea ceremony starts. The bride and groom serves tea (chamcha) to their parents and the elderly which symbolizes the marriage is official. Yeap, many procedures.

After that, the girl side returns back and then the bride and groom will be off to prepare for the night dinner. The dinner was held in Pin Hwa School. :) A big feast with all the family and friends.

Arrival at the Groom's house.

Now this time, the boy opens the door for the bride and then receives his angpao.

The happy couple.

My cousin, she looks like a princess on that day.


In their room.

Pretty princess.


May the couple live happily ever after.

Lots of love,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Christmas!

You guys wouldn't believe what I did for Christmas this year. I wouldn't have believed it myself. There was always this mind set in my head that this activity is so dangerous that I wouldn't try it in my lifetime. I'm serious; I have seen pictures of my cousins that went for this activity before and I always thought, mind blowing people who are daring enough to do this kind of activity. Well, I guess I'm pretty mind blowing too as I actually WENT FOR IT!

Okay, so let me tell you how I turned out to be going for this activity this Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we were invited to join Daddy's Cousin's brought forward Christmas Dinner. One thing I must say is, Auntie COOKS THE BEST CHRISTMAS MEAL EVER! We go there for Christmas lunch every year and we never get bored of the food and never once we go back not feeling like our stomach is going to burst. I mean, how can we not. We have homemade delicious turkey, golden baked potato, potato salad, steamed pumpkin. With that we were already stuffed! But that's not it, there's more! DESERT! Auntie the COOK made us Trifle! Not only that, there's pumpkin cake, Christmas Cake (mummy bought back from this trip to UK this year). PHEW! By the time I was done trying everything, my stomach was about to explode.

Yeah so, there was wine. Uncle LBJ poured me a glass of white wine, I took a sip and gave the rest to daddy, I couldn't drink it. It is just not for me. Anyway, the adults went on to red wine and chattered away with my cousins. Then Sam their neighbour came to join us for dinner. He's from the Semi Government Rubber Company. I blurred out in the middle of the conversation so I went to watch TV and The Proposal was on! Yeah so, I kept myself entertained while they chit-chatted.

Time flied so fast and before we realized it, it was almost midnight! Suddenly, my cousin's brought up the topic that they were going for White Water Rafting on Christmas Day, and they thought it would me fun if I joined them. They asked me if I would like to join them. I thought for a bit, I was actually in a dress and I didn't have anything with me, no spare clothes, shoes, and what not because if I were to join them, I had to stay over at their house as they were leaving at 5am in the morning.

My cousin said, no worries, they had everything for me. I thought again, and then I agreed. I definitely won't be doing this kind of stuff anytime soon, and I was pretty sure it was going to be fun an exciting. SO SO, off my parents go and I stayed back with them. I helped my cousin with the spare bed that she have for me and got my clothes to change.

LOOK AT THE CLOCK! It was almost 12! Christmas was minutes away! Everyone gathered in the hall by the christmas tree. From the hall we could see outside the fireworks already started and it was CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas Everyone! They took out the presents and passed them to the owner of the present. My first time celebrating christmas and exchanging gifts. I didn't have any present for them, which I felt so bad because Auntie found a present for me and insisted that I took it home. My cousin also gave me a little gift for christmas, it was a foldable bag. :)

After exchanging gifts and wishing each other, we headed to bed. It was going to be an early morning the next day. I set my alarm clock and went to bed.

I woke up suddenly when my cousin called. It was already 5.30am. I looked at my phone, it didn't ring. Funny? I thought to myself, I remembered setting it at 4.30am. I looked back and it was set at 4.30PM. LOL! stupid me. I quickly went into the bathroom and had my shower. Everyone showered before going to bed so it was only me. At 6am, we left for Gua Tempurung!

I kind of slept the whole journey until somewhere along the way when my cousin shouted LOOK OUT! And i woke up. Apparently, there was a car in front of us that was driving on the fast lane while we were on the outer lane. It spun 360 degrees and bang onto the barrier in front of us. Luckily we were quite a distance from it and moved to the side and not two minutes earlier. If not, I won't know what would have happened to us!

We arrived around 9am, half an hour earlier. There was a festival going on nearby and we went to check it out. UMNO Hari Keluarga it seemed. Obviously it was a malay festival as I couldn't find any other races there. So yeah, we had to wait for another 17 more people. According to the guide, they were around 1 hour away from there and we had to wait. -.- Ang moh people picking up Malaysian's Time already! *shakes head* Four of us climbed on the lorry that was going to take us up to the top. We waited until all of us were asleep. Finally, they came! They were not only LATE, they took their own sweet time to get on the lorry! *SHAKES HEAD*. What is this man!

It was about time we left, and so we pushed off. :) The ride was bumpy but enjoyful. The wind blew so strongly. When we reached up there, we were briefed by one of the instructors about the safety measures. Wore our life jacket and helmet, we took our paddles and got ready. This time, the water level was Low, so i guess, it is not as ci kek! Down into the water we go. The water was ICY COLD! Like as though you just went into ice water.

I can't really explain how was the ride. IT WAS JUST BEYOND WORDS! My advice to you all, MUST TRY! :D really! At least once in your lifetime. This is something that you should not miss. I am kinda looking forward to going for the one in Sabah. The Mt Kinabalu. Anyone interested to join me?? :D

I don't pictures during our ride because they were all taken by the people there, and they are selling it for RM15 per pictures. MY MY! expensive sport! I will get some camwhore pictures we took from my cousin an upload them soon aite! :D

Anyway, it was quite a day! I slept again in the car on the way back and got called SLEEPY HEAD! XD

We reached home around 4pm. I quickly took a refreshing shower. AHHHhhhhh. :) Mummy and daddy came and sad thing but we had to go. We had to rush back for my cousin's bachelor party at night. What a waste! I couldn't join them for dinner, Auntie cooked steak for dinner. Oh well, guess I will just wait for next year! :D 

Had our traditional Soh Mee for dinner and went to my friend's house for Christmas party. My goodness! The house is so happening! They boys playing upstairs, shouting and talking like there's no tomorrow while the girls were downstairs entertaining themselves. I went late and according to my friends it has been going on for the whole day already and it continues until the next day. I mean the boys stays over and only goes back the next day.  Anyway, I went back around 11pm as the wedding was on the next day and we had to wake up early. I couldn't wait for the gift exchange but my friend gave me my christmas present first. :)

Well, so now you know, I had a pretty EXCITING & FUN christmas this year. :D

The girls. 

How was yours? :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fun fiesta galore

It's OUT! It's OUT!!! Go read the article on StarTwo R.AGE todayyyy! Otakuzone Page 7!

I'm so high and I have no idea why. I woke up early today to take my dog Starlie out for her morning walk. I found the newspaper on the floor and quickly picked it up. I opened the papers and it was on page 7 already. Anyway anyway, as I promised that I would do this post after the article came out.

I'm sure you guys would love to find out more about this Joanna Lye who spent RM8k on her Saint Celestine costume. Let me tell you more about her in detail. I know this because Amy and I interviewed her. :)

This is Joanna Lye in her Saint Celestine costume.
you can find this on the article. :)

If you were there, you would have been able to see her like she is really struggling in her costume.
The wings themselves weight around 8kg. You can imagine her wearing it for 1 or 2 hours.
Joanna Lye, 24. A lecturer in Pine Academy.
Closeup of her "wings" made of Turkey feather.
Her costume maker Pol, took a year to finish it.
She looks like the Statue of Liberty, huh? 
Her armour piece, made of mainly PVC which is shaped using a heat gun.
I really admire Pol who is able to them look so much like Steel.
Her body armour.

 According to Pol, he says that people do not think it is possible to make armour like costumes without importing a kind of material from overseas. Pol decided that he would take the challenge and make armour costume out of local material such as PVC. Pol who is a canteen operation takes this as his part time job. He who met Joanna that was looking for someone to make her costume on a forum online. I think he definitely have already proven them wrong by coming up with this incredible costume.

Here you can see Pol unscrewing the wing from Joanna's shoulder armour.
You see that things above her head, that is the shoulder armour, made of steel, to support the heavy wings.
The costume packed in the suitcase. Imported all the way from East Malaysia, Sabah.

Pol, dismantling the costume to fit them all into that small suitcase.

And that, is the wings, packed in cardboard with total care.

They are all from Sabah. There was this two guys, Addy and Randy that helped Paul with some parts of the costume. They are also part time costume makers and cosplayers. They were suppose to cosplay during CF 2010 too, but unfortunately they weren't able to bring their costumes over. Only Joanna's costume made it.

The first time I saw her, I told Amy, she is surely to win the Solo Cosplay Competition. But to my surprise, when I interviewed her, she said, nope, I came here just to wear my costume and potray my favourite character. Her family supports her fully on her passion for anime. So now you know, there are may people out there that would do this out of passion.

Do not think these costumes are cheap, they are pretty costly to rent or buy. Many people would spend their precious time preparing and making their costumes from scratch!

Just like Jessica Tan, I am also an "otaku" newbie and Comic Fiesta 2010 is definitely and eye opener for me! :) For those of you who couldn't make it this year, there is always a next year.

Signing off,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Water Marbling Nail Technique

I would like to share something with you girls out there; something I found pretty cool & interesting. I never thought there was this kind of nail art technique. Some of you might already know about this but seriously, this is the first time I am seeing this. For those of you who never knew about this, here is a video for you to watch and start experimenting! :) It is really something cool. Girls favorite; to have pretty nails.

This video, they will teach you step by step how to do it. Actually, there is another way to do it, you put cellotape around your finger to prevent the nail polish to get on your skin, but in this video, she used lotion. I would think it is easier. Well, one day, I will experiment it myself and then maybe post a video.

So, girls, GO CRAZY!


Monday, December 20, 2010

CF 2010 - Comic Fiesta

You must be wondering where I went this weekend. :D
Well, you're going to find out really soon.

I took a train up to Berjaya Time Square with Andrian and Ken to attend Comic Fiesta 2010 at the Manhattan Ballroom. I would say this time, my journey taking the train was nice and safe. :) Besides that, I also had a tour guide (Andrian) taking me around. So, my parents sent me up to Subang KTM station where I met the both of them and then we went down to KL Central and took the Monorail to Imbi. It was pretty convenient.

We reached around 10am and that is already early, but to our surprise, other people were even earlier than us. There was a longgggggggggg queue when we reached the ballroom. They were all queuing up to get their entrance ticket. Some were busy getting dressed into their costumes.

The queue into the hall.

This is the hall around 11am.
And this around after 11.30am. You can imagine even when time passes, more people start taking their seat on the floor, to watch the performance. The place is like totally stuck. You can't even move.
Feel free to draw. :)
Among the cute drawings drawn by people.

There was a booth where when you draw on this giant SCROLL on the table, you will get a poster for free.
Everyone making themselves at home. Having fun with the marker pens.

There was this malay guy, he was drawing a character.

Yep, that's his.

After he finished, he took out his camera, and snapped a picture of his drawing. So cute.

Below are the random cosplayers:


At the gamers booth, it was quite a happening one as it welcomed many people. Mostly boys. They were all standing there watching the gamers play their game.

Guys and their WARCRAFT.
 Now at the NIPS booth, there was a drawing competition going on.

I love their design. Superb.

Dinorawrrrr. <3


 More of the people in costumes!

These people enjoy the attention, they would pose and allow you snap pictures, but of course you need their permission first. They would be most delighted to let you have a picture of them as they spend tons of precious time and money on their costumes. Really, these people are passionate.

 At this booth, you can see that the players are mostly grown ups. I was pretty surprised. I mean, I do remember myself playing Pokemon cards but not anymore. No no no, not mine. I don't collect them, my brother do. My brother is the most careful person when it comes to his cards. Pokemon cards and Magic cards. He puts them into an album. I am not quite sure where it is now, but I am sure it is around the house some where. 
And there you see then having fun among themselves.

There is a saying that goes, you don't stop playing because you have grown up, you grow up because you stop playing.

 Among the plenty booths you can find there, you will see many people drawing for commision. You can give them a copy of the character you want them to draw and they will draw it for you. They are really talented.

 This girl had the most admirers. :) She was in the middle near the stage. so everyone was there. People started stopping and taking photos of her.

Naruto, unknown character, 4th Hokage. 
 According to Amy, there is this guy that potrays Naruto in most of the events, and the way he dress, it is exactly like naruto. I was hoping to see him but apparently, he didnt' turn up. Only these two.

Among the digital artworks. I tell you, it is beautiful. :) I would dream of being able to produce artworks like those.


This guy, he draws this little cards. 
That one he is drawing a a spiderman. Can you see? :)

The dolls on the tables of some of the booth, I'm not sure if they were selling them.
Well, this is most of it. The event was a nice one. My first time ever attending comic fiesta. :) For those of you who missed it, don't worry, there's more to come.

There is actually more, the highlight of my blog post. I will post it in my next post since I don't want to spoil the excitement of it as it is coming out in tomorrow's paper. Star Metro. Stay tuned okay. It is our cover story. If you still don't understand what I mean; I actually went for this to cover this event with my BRATs buddies, Amy, Andrian, Ken and Jessicat. And our story is coming out tomorrow. So so so , stay tuned kay. GO BUY THE PAPERS! :)

Before I go, here's a video on the event by Andrian.


Roxanne <3