Tuesday, December 28, 2010

26 Dec 2010 A day to tie a knot.

Well, my Christmas did not just end there. My cousin's wedding was held one day after Christmas which was also her birthday. How meaningful right. So yeah, I woke up early that morning, got ready and went to the bride's house to prepare for the arrival of the groom.

The estimated time of arrival of the groom was 7.30am and so we were rushing to have our breakfast as we wouldn't have time to eat if they had come. Waited and waited, there was no loud blaring hon that could be heard; THE GROOM WAS RUNNING LATE! Pros and cons. The good side is, we had more time to prepare and the bad side is, we had LESS time to play games on them. For some of you who don't know, the chinese always had this tradition that when the groom come to get the bride, they had to pass the maid of honour (jimui) of the bride first before getting to the bride. This stage is specially made for the groom and his best men (hengdai). They had to accomplish everything.

It was almost 10am when the horns sounded from a distance. Everyone got into their position. The wedding car arrive in front of the house and the fire crackers was lit. Ouch! my ears hurt. Then, my cousin brothers had to open the door for the groom but before that, they negotiated for ANGPAO! XD Guess you could say that this is my family's practice. All my other cousins' wedding went through that. The angpao negotiating part.

Next, the game stage. Shouts and loud voices of the best men could be heard. Then, led on to the room which the bride was in. :)

I could go on and on, but I think you guys will find it a little lengthy. Let me continue a bit more then you can enjoy the pictures aite!

And so, after that, along with the bride and groom, the girl side representatives went over to the groom's to greet their family; showing a sign of approval.

Then the bride an groom will proceed to their house where the bride and groom will get changed then the tea ceremony starts. The bride and groom serves tea (chamcha) to their parents and the elderly which symbolizes the marriage is official. Yeap, many procedures.

After that, the girl side returns back and then the bride and groom will be off to prepare for the night dinner. The dinner was held in Pin Hwa School. :) A big feast with all the family and friends.

Arrival at the Groom's house.

Now this time, the boy opens the door for the bride and then receives his angpao.

The happy couple.

My cousin, she looks like a princess on that day.


In their room.

Pretty princess.


May the couple live happily ever after.

Lots of love,