Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Christmas!

You guys wouldn't believe what I did for Christmas this year. I wouldn't have believed it myself. There was always this mind set in my head that this activity is so dangerous that I wouldn't try it in my lifetime. I'm serious; I have seen pictures of my cousins that went for this activity before and I always thought, mind blowing people who are daring enough to do this kind of activity. Well, I guess I'm pretty mind blowing too as I actually WENT FOR IT!

Okay, so let me tell you how I turned out to be going for this activity this Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we were invited to join Daddy's Cousin's brought forward Christmas Dinner. One thing I must say is, Auntie COOKS THE BEST CHRISTMAS MEAL EVER! We go there for Christmas lunch every year and we never get bored of the food and never once we go back not feeling like our stomach is going to burst. I mean, how can we not. We have homemade delicious turkey, golden baked potato, potato salad, steamed pumpkin. With that we were already stuffed! But that's not it, there's more! DESERT! Auntie the COOK made us Trifle! Not only that, there's pumpkin cake, Christmas Cake (mummy bought back from this trip to UK this year). PHEW! By the time I was done trying everything, my stomach was about to explode.

Yeah so, there was wine. Uncle LBJ poured me a glass of white wine, I took a sip and gave the rest to daddy, I couldn't drink it. It is just not for me. Anyway, the adults went on to red wine and chattered away with my cousins. Then Sam their neighbour came to join us for dinner. He's from the Semi Government Rubber Company. I blurred out in the middle of the conversation so I went to watch TV and The Proposal was on! Yeah so, I kept myself entertained while they chit-chatted.

Time flied so fast and before we realized it, it was almost midnight! Suddenly, my cousin's brought up the topic that they were going for White Water Rafting on Christmas Day, and they thought it would me fun if I joined them. They asked me if I would like to join them. I thought for a bit, I was actually in a dress and I didn't have anything with me, no spare clothes, shoes, and what not because if I were to join them, I had to stay over at their house as they were leaving at 5am in the morning.

My cousin said, no worries, they had everything for me. I thought again, and then I agreed. I definitely won't be doing this kind of stuff anytime soon, and I was pretty sure it was going to be fun an exciting. SO SO, off my parents go and I stayed back with them. I helped my cousin with the spare bed that she have for me and got my clothes to change.

LOOK AT THE CLOCK! It was almost 12! Christmas was minutes away! Everyone gathered in the hall by the christmas tree. From the hall we could see outside the fireworks already started and it was CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas Everyone! They took out the presents and passed them to the owner of the present. My first time celebrating christmas and exchanging gifts. I didn't have any present for them, which I felt so bad because Auntie found a present for me and insisted that I took it home. My cousin also gave me a little gift for christmas, it was a foldable bag. :)

After exchanging gifts and wishing each other, we headed to bed. It was going to be an early morning the next day. I set my alarm clock and went to bed.

I woke up suddenly when my cousin called. It was already 5.30am. I looked at my phone, it didn't ring. Funny? I thought to myself, I remembered setting it at 4.30am. I looked back and it was set at 4.30PM. LOL! stupid me. I quickly went into the bathroom and had my shower. Everyone showered before going to bed so it was only me. At 6am, we left for Gua Tempurung!

I kind of slept the whole journey until somewhere along the way when my cousin shouted LOOK OUT! And i woke up. Apparently, there was a car in front of us that was driving on the fast lane while we were on the outer lane. It spun 360 degrees and bang onto the barrier in front of us. Luckily we were quite a distance from it and moved to the side and not two minutes earlier. If not, I won't know what would have happened to us!

We arrived around 9am, half an hour earlier. There was a festival going on nearby and we went to check it out. UMNO Hari Keluarga it seemed. Obviously it was a malay festival as I couldn't find any other races there. So yeah, we had to wait for another 17 more people. According to the guide, they were around 1 hour away from there and we had to wait. -.- Ang moh people picking up Malaysian's Time already! *shakes head* Four of us climbed on the lorry that was going to take us up to the top. We waited until all of us were asleep. Finally, they came! They were not only LATE, they took their own sweet time to get on the lorry! *SHAKES HEAD*. What is this man!

It was about time we left, and so we pushed off. :) The ride was bumpy but enjoyful. The wind blew so strongly. When we reached up there, we were briefed by one of the instructors about the safety measures. Wore our life jacket and helmet, we took our paddles and got ready. This time, the water level was Low, so i guess, it is not as ci kek! Down into the water we go. The water was ICY COLD! Like as though you just went into ice water.

I can't really explain how was the ride. IT WAS JUST BEYOND WORDS! My advice to you all, MUST TRY! :D really! At least once in your lifetime. This is something that you should not miss. I am kinda looking forward to going for the one in Sabah. The Mt Kinabalu. Anyone interested to join me?? :D

I don't pictures during our ride because they were all taken by the people there, and they are selling it for RM15 per pictures. MY MY! expensive sport! I will get some camwhore pictures we took from my cousin an upload them soon aite! :D

Anyway, it was quite a day! I slept again in the car on the way back and got called SLEEPY HEAD! XD

We reached home around 4pm. I quickly took a refreshing shower. AHHHhhhhh. :) Mummy and daddy came and sad thing but we had to go. We had to rush back for my cousin's bachelor party at night. What a waste! I couldn't join them for dinner, Auntie cooked steak for dinner. Oh well, guess I will just wait for next year! :D 

Had our traditional Soh Mee for dinner and went to my friend's house for Christmas party. My goodness! The house is so happening! They boys playing upstairs, shouting and talking like there's no tomorrow while the girls were downstairs entertaining themselves. I went late and according to my friends it has been going on for the whole day already and it continues until the next day. I mean the boys stays over and only goes back the next day.  Anyway, I went back around 11pm as the wedding was on the next day and we had to wake up early. I couldn't wait for the gift exchange but my friend gave me my christmas present first. :)

Well, so now you know, I had a pretty EXCITING & FUN christmas this year. :D

The girls. 

How was yours? :)

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