Monday, December 20, 2010

CF 2010 - Comic Fiesta

You must be wondering where I went this weekend. :D
Well, you're going to find out really soon.

I took a train up to Berjaya Time Square with Andrian and Ken to attend Comic Fiesta 2010 at the Manhattan Ballroom. I would say this time, my journey taking the train was nice and safe. :) Besides that, I also had a tour guide (Andrian) taking me around. So, my parents sent me up to Subang KTM station where I met the both of them and then we went down to KL Central and took the Monorail to Imbi. It was pretty convenient.

We reached around 10am and that is already early, but to our surprise, other people were even earlier than us. There was a longgggggggggg queue when we reached the ballroom. They were all queuing up to get their entrance ticket. Some were busy getting dressed into their costumes.

The queue into the hall.

This is the hall around 11am.
And this around after 11.30am. You can imagine even when time passes, more people start taking their seat on the floor, to watch the performance. The place is like totally stuck. You can't even move.
Feel free to draw. :)
Among the cute drawings drawn by people.

There was a booth where when you draw on this giant SCROLL on the table, you will get a poster for free.
Everyone making themselves at home. Having fun with the marker pens.

There was this malay guy, he was drawing a character.

Yep, that's his.

After he finished, he took out his camera, and snapped a picture of his drawing. So cute.

Below are the random cosplayers:


At the gamers booth, it was quite a happening one as it welcomed many people. Mostly boys. They were all standing there watching the gamers play their game.

Guys and their WARCRAFT.
 Now at the NIPS booth, there was a drawing competition going on.

I love their design. Superb.

Dinorawrrrr. <3


 More of the people in costumes!

These people enjoy the attention, they would pose and allow you snap pictures, but of course you need their permission first. They would be most delighted to let you have a picture of them as they spend tons of precious time and money on their costumes. Really, these people are passionate.

 At this booth, you can see that the players are mostly grown ups. I was pretty surprised. I mean, I do remember myself playing Pokemon cards but not anymore. No no no, not mine. I don't collect them, my brother do. My brother is the most careful person when it comes to his cards. Pokemon cards and Magic cards. He puts them into an album. I am not quite sure where it is now, but I am sure it is around the house some where. 
And there you see then having fun among themselves.

There is a saying that goes, you don't stop playing because you have grown up, you grow up because you stop playing.

 Among the plenty booths you can find there, you will see many people drawing for commision. You can give them a copy of the character you want them to draw and they will draw it for you. They are really talented.

 This girl had the most admirers. :) She was in the middle near the stage. so everyone was there. People started stopping and taking photos of her.

Naruto, unknown character, 4th Hokage. 
 According to Amy, there is this guy that potrays Naruto in most of the events, and the way he dress, it is exactly like naruto. I was hoping to see him but apparently, he didnt' turn up. Only these two.

Among the digital artworks. I tell you, it is beautiful. :) I would dream of being able to produce artworks like those.


This guy, he draws this little cards. 
That one he is drawing a a spiderman. Can you see? :)

The dolls on the tables of some of the booth, I'm not sure if they were selling them.
Well, this is most of it. The event was a nice one. My first time ever attending comic fiesta. :) For those of you who missed it, don't worry, there's more to come.

There is actually more, the highlight of my blog post. I will post it in my next post since I don't want to spoil the excitement of it as it is coming out in tomorrow's paper. Star Metro. Stay tuned okay. It is our cover story. If you still don't understand what I mean; I actually went for this to cover this event with my BRATs buddies, Amy, Andrian, Ken and Jessicat. And our story is coming out tomorrow. So so so , stay tuned kay. GO BUY THE PAPERS! :)

Before I go, here's a video on the event by Andrian.


Roxanne <3

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