Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fun fiesta galore

It's OUT! It's OUT!!! Go read the article on StarTwo R.AGE todayyyy! Otakuzone Page 7!

I'm so high and I have no idea why. I woke up early today to take my dog Starlie out for her morning walk. I found the newspaper on the floor and quickly picked it up. I opened the papers and it was on page 7 already. Anyway anyway, as I promised that I would do this post after the article came out.

I'm sure you guys would love to find out more about this Joanna Lye who spent RM8k on her Saint Celestine costume. Let me tell you more about her in detail. I know this because Amy and I interviewed her. :)

This is Joanna Lye in her Saint Celestine costume.
you can find this on the article. :)

If you were there, you would have been able to see her like she is really struggling in her costume.
The wings themselves weight around 8kg. You can imagine her wearing it for 1 or 2 hours.
Joanna Lye, 24. A lecturer in Pine Academy.
Closeup of her "wings" made of Turkey feather.
Her costume maker Pol, took a year to finish it.
She looks like the Statue of Liberty, huh? 
Her armour piece, made of mainly PVC which is shaped using a heat gun.
I really admire Pol who is able to them look so much like Steel.
Her body armour.

 According to Pol, he says that people do not think it is possible to make armour like costumes without importing a kind of material from overseas. Pol decided that he would take the challenge and make armour costume out of local material such as PVC. Pol who is a canteen operation takes this as his part time job. He who met Joanna that was looking for someone to make her costume on a forum online. I think he definitely have already proven them wrong by coming up with this incredible costume.

Here you can see Pol unscrewing the wing from Joanna's shoulder armour.
You see that things above her head, that is the shoulder armour, made of steel, to support the heavy wings.
The costume packed in the suitcase. Imported all the way from East Malaysia, Sabah.

Pol, dismantling the costume to fit them all into that small suitcase.

And that, is the wings, packed in cardboard with total care.

They are all from Sabah. There was this two guys, Addy and Randy that helped Paul with some parts of the costume. They are also part time costume makers and cosplayers. They were suppose to cosplay during CF 2010 too, but unfortunately they weren't able to bring their costumes over. Only Joanna's costume made it.

The first time I saw her, I told Amy, she is surely to win the Solo Cosplay Competition. But to my surprise, when I interviewed her, she said, nope, I came here just to wear my costume and potray my favourite character. Her family supports her fully on her passion for anime. So now you know, there are may people out there that would do this out of passion.

Do not think these costumes are cheap, they are pretty costly to rent or buy. Many people would spend their precious time preparing and making their costumes from scratch!

Just like Jessica Tan, I am also an "otaku" newbie and Comic Fiesta 2010 is definitely and eye opener for me! :) For those of you who couldn't make it this year, there is always a next year.

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  1. thanks for the coverage, i'm only 24 btw =P

  2. His name is Pol. Not Paul. But you'll see a much better one in 2011.

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  4. Hi Joanna! That's what i thought too! Amy heard 34. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. xD
    No problem. It was my pleasure as this is only my first time. I have got lots more to learn. :D

  5. CFC, Oh. Okay. XD Can't wait. :)