Monday, December 13, 2010

GoD - Game of Death

The BRATs were invited to join the RAGE Team (NikiCheong, IanYee & the main character for the day; NasaEntaban) for this Game of Death at Nilai.

Read this, you'll understand better. :)

And so, organized by the Rage Team, a bus of BRATs head to Nilai not knowing what to expect; all they know was they were going to PLAY SOME SPORTS!

First destination was The Islamic University of Science Malaysia at Nilai where they had a stadium and running tracks. I think you should be able to guess what our first sport was. RUNNING! The first run was 7x100m and then 7x400m. I'm the 5th runner! I have done this before, but it was like 5 years ago; when I was still in primary school. I must say, without proper training, 100m relay run can actually tire you because you have you like run at top speed for 100m? How do I put this, it is like, you use up all the oxygen in your lungs in that few seconds.

And then after a few minutes break, we had to run 400m. I was like, oh shit oh shit. I am already out of breath, how am I suppose to do this? Luckily, we had Sri on our team, Sri is the one that put this Game Of Death for us. He told us for the next 400m run, one thing we MUST keep in mind is to NOT PANIC. It is a long run, but then do not worry if someone overtakes you, just take big steps and move your arms. & I did! I took the baton from Leon, and ran. Suddenly, I think it was Han Lam, who came up from the right and said "yoohoo!" and then dashed ahead. I told myself, stay calm, don't panic and continue my run. My breath was heavy, I think that was why I felt so tired. I tried catching up but then he was just too fast.

We lost, but then at least we didn't give up! That's the spirit of TEAM 1! (Andrian, Leon, Beverlley, YenLi, Roxanne & SRI! )

Not forgetting about the 4 more events that we had and with the time running out, we quickly packed up and left for Kota Serimas where the rest of the event was held. I must say, it is a nice place. they had a basketball court, a sand field, a lake and river and the rest of the place that we didn't have time to check out. A fine place I must say.

Okay, continue on, the next event of the day. TUG OF WAR! Well, we didn't have much luck for this event. We only won once, I think it was fairly just luck. Ahh, although we didn't win, we definitely got some souvenirs. Guess what our souvenirs were? SCRATCHES on our beautiful legs. Beverlley was saying, "And there goes my model leg!" Yeah, I have them too. I hope they don't leave scars! Sri was smart enough to have worn his track bottoms. HAHA! Andrian describe this event as the Floor-dragging event. For every time we tugged, we got dragged. And so, you can imagine us all on the ground at the end of each set of tug-of-war.

The next challenge for the day was BASKETBALL! This is where I hate myself. I never understand why why why I can't shoot in when I am in the game. It is like out of the game, most of my shots enter, but during the game, not a single one goes in. IT SUCKS I tell you. Even if it enters, most of them were just my lucky shot. I really hope this doesn't happen to me next year when I go for MSSD. Anyway, I must say something. IAN is pretty good at basketball. I'm serious! He is also good at running. Really, don't judge a book by its cover. According to Andrian, while he was running for the 100m run, he had time to even stick out his tongue!

After 3 events, our energy was almost drained. We had to recharge. So we head to the nearby mamak for lunch. First time coming across a mamak which doesn't serve roticanai. I wanted to have tosai as we weren't suppose to have too much but since they don't serve roticanais, we ordered maggie goreng. Poor Stephanie; who bruise her toe, she had to put ice on her toes while we had our lunch. She went to seek for first aid at the St John ambulance but then the St Johns didn't offer help as they thought that she didn't look like she was in pain. What a great help.

NEXT UP! Beach Volleyball. BEVERLLEY's game. She was the only one who knew how to play. She couldn't really perform her best but then I understand as she says for her, it is 1 for all and all for 1. Without her teammates, it is hard for her to perform her best. I never really played volleyball before apart from the few tries during my PE lesson. I managed to serve a few nice ones although there was still some missed servings. And so, beach volleyball went well, but we were almost roasted under the manacing hot sun.

For the final event of the day, BEACH FOOTBALL! I always wanted to play football but then never actually tried it because my brother always said I am like a boy. But then, I finally had my first try. Do you want to know what my advice for those who never played football before? It is not as easy as it seems. I mean apart from it is super-duper TIRING, you need to have skills to kick to ball. Ian taught me how to kick the ball. Anyone who wants to learn, give me a ring. Hahahha! Ignore me. I am just happy! :) I think I am pretty good for a beginner like me, I managed to enter a few goals!

I had an extremely good day with the RAGE Team and fellow BRATs! I learnt a alot and gained a whole lot of experience. & thanks to NESTLE Drumstick! All of us got to bring back home a hamper! Also thanks to Kota Serimas, we got goody bags too! Finally, we must thank the RAGE Team for inviting us BRATs along to join Nasa for her challenge. :) I seriously had fun!

Moment of truth :

Niki Cheong, HE CAN RUN! I think that his level of stamina beat many of the BRATs that went including me.

Ian Yee, He can be pretty good in SPORTS! & music. stay tuned to my next post to find out! 

Nasa Enthaban, don't underestimate her. She can be the girl who can't live without her heels, but she can also be the girl that dares to take on challenges. :D

I have a sprained fist, and an aching body but everything was worth it. :)

Signing off,
Roxanne. <3

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