Thursday, December 30, 2010

The legacy of TRON

Took my little cousies down to the cinema to catch a show. :D They were so so so excited. I said, okay, take you guys today, now, 3.30pm. And she was like WHAT?! NOW? NOW? NOW? And I continued, YES NOW. Then she was like okay okay okay! Jumping for joy, she called my auntie to pick us and bring along her brother. When I got into the car, the little boy called out, JIE JIE, what show are we going to watch? So I answer, TRON, the very chio one. And he went, PHEW! then said, Yes! He thought I was going to take him to watch a ghost movie.

Cute little boy. He's half a head shorter than his sister which made the ticket seller think that he's a child and counted him as a child ticket while his sister had to buy adult ticket. Sometimes, it's really good to be short. But then, they were both younger than 12, so we manage to get them Children's ticket. My auntie tagged along, so four of us, went for the movie.

I MUST SAY, it is an AWESOME movie! Seriously, nice story line, moral value, actor an actresses, and definitely fantastic GRAPHICS! I actually like the idea and imagination. It's incredible!
See wad I mean?

I wish I had that thing that they use in the movie, the little stick thing that can turn into a bike or plane. SO COOL! I wonder if ever our world would have a technology like that. I'm pretty sure it would save us a lot of time looking for a parking lot and being stuck in the traffic jam every morning. My cousin was like, shing shing~ mimicking the character in the movie. I am pretty shy to say that I was like a kid when I was talking to him after the movie, like telling him how cool it was. I was quite fascinated by the movie I guess. xP Don't mind me; it is nice to sometimes be a kid again okay..

Anyone would like to get me one?
I was freezing when I got out of the cinema. GOSH! It was like -20 degrees! Okay, I'm exaggerating but seriously, it was freakin' COLD! Are all newly renovated cinemas like that? Luckily I was in my shoes, if not my toes would have became ice by the time the movie ended.

Garret Hedlund!!! Omg, he is so so sooooo cute. He, who played Sam Flynn, Kevin Flynn's son. Sam was the one who managed to get into the game his father created which trapped himself in. TRON is a video game which Kevin created. A world perfect world of free information with this system he came up with. He was trying to change the imperfect world and make it perfect, but in that process, things got out of hand.

Well, there's more, but then I don't want to spoil the mood of those who haven't got to watch the movie. So, watch it yourself! I'm sure if you're like me, you would definitely enjoy the movie as much as I do. :D

Seeeee.I told you! That's Garret Hedlund played as Sam Flynn.

Olivia Wilde left as Quorra.The only ISO left in the video game world. Along with Garret Hedlund (Sam Flynn)

Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the creator of TRON the video game.

Jeff & Garret. :D

I'm telling you, Must watch movie before 2010 ends! Catch it in the cinemas if you can! :D I really love the graphics.

Anyway, goodnight people! The night is still young, I know, but I have got an early morning tomorrow so I better head to bed. Enjoy your night! :)


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