Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wonder Boys

The night after GoD, despite being extremely tired, I could still get into bed and move into my comfortable sleeping position. Within minutes, I dozed off.

It was a pleasant sleep until the very next morning, I opened my eyes and it was already bright outside my window; I felt the awful pain from all over my body. The feeling of over exhausted muscle when I tried to move. My mom came to the side of my bed calling me up to join them for Bahkutteh breakfast. I told her, I would love too, but for now, I just want to sleep as my whole body hurts so much.

Struggled to get out of bed and onto my feet, I went for breakfast and got ready for my movie date at Harbour Place. I was smart enough to have asked my cousin for a favor to drop me off there, if not, I don't think I would have been able to go for my date. Happily, I went there as he was already waiting for me. However, things got a bit scary when he said that his parents wouldn't leave until they meet his friends. I was like speechless and scared. I told him to try and trick his parent but it didn't work. Very fortunate or rather lucky, he met his friends who were having lunch in on of the restaurant and managed to get them to go meet his parents. To tell you the truth, I was seriously scared. At one point when we couldn't find anyone to go meet his parents, I thought of agreeing to go meet them. like how they always say, just act normal and you won't get caught. 

And so, I got into the cinema safely. :) Watched Repunzel with him. NICE SHOW! After the show, we sat a one corner. We managed to take some photos. too bad you're not getting to see them. :P

Skipping those parts.  I managed to convince my dad to take us down to TROPICANA CITY for the Wonder Boys' gig!!! Got home, managed to catch half and hour nap before we left for KL. Met up with the BRATs ( YenLi, Bev, Leon, Andrian) for pizza before we went down to AristaBar to save a space for ourselves. It was fully booked for that day's event. It was a great day as it ended with some awesome music. I didn't really know who Stevie Wonders was neither do I know his songs but I definitely enjoyed the cover that Wonder Boys did. Liang who is the vocalist for the band had a great voice. He really did a great job getting us all in the mood. Ian however, was pretty much enjoying himself with his bass guitar at the back. :)

The performance ended just in time before my parents said they wanted to leave. Sad thing I didn't get to stay back for Ian's further performance. I guess I have stay tuned to next Wednesday's StarTwo to find out more about the Wonder Boy's Performance.

Roxanne <3

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