Sunday, January 2, 2011

HAPPY 2011!

Happy New Year PEOPLE of the world! :)

I know I'm late but I was busy celebrating New Years just like all of you were. :D My aunty organized a little BBQ party for our family. It was a great idea to stay home to countdown among ourselves because the Klang bridge going towards KL was having a traffic jam all the way from our place. Seriously, I don't think it was a good idea going to KL for countdown as you would be stuck in the traffic jam for as long as it would take and that might mean that you could be celebrating new years in your car while bring stuck in the traffic jam. That wouldn't be very nice. You always want to enjoy and welcome the new years with your family and friends. :)

After BBQing, we entertained ourselves with a game. You know, the one that you have to act out a word given for the audience to guess the word? Yeap, we played that. With my two nieces around, we were kept quite entertained throughout the night. At least, it kept us awake laughing until almost midnight and then we started counting down.

I was actually suppose to stay over at Alicia's but then, I didn't want to leave mummy alone on new years eve. Although she kept saying, go go ahead, but then her heart was hoping I would stay home to accompany her.

My 1st Day of 2011 was quite a day I must say. 

Finally, I got myself a badminton racquet so that I could go for my BADMINTON TRAINING! :D Ah haaaa, I went for training for the first time today. Seriously, it is hard. Badminton is not as easy as it looks! If you don't know the way of handling the racquet, it is quite hard for you to play a nice game. But I'm sure that is what many of us do or at least, what I used to do; swing the racquet and hit the shuttle. As long as it doesn't touch the ground. LOL!

My first day of training went pretty well, I would say. I learn my forehand and backhand but then I still can't get the hang of high ball. I kept trying and trying but it is still not there yet. I will not give up! :) I will try again next week. :D I really enjoyed my first day of training but I was told that it is going to be worse like when coach asks us to do frog jump. I won't be able to walk for a week. Now that is scary. Apart from that, there was a senior that coached me today. He's nice. :) I mean, he was willing to teach me and train me. 

There's more! After training, mummy picked me up and went home. I was tired but then didn't get to sleep, by the time I showered and tidy up, it was around 6pm. My auntie invited us for a dinner treat at windmill. The food quality was not as good as it used to be then. But overall it was alright. Candle light dinner; makes the dinner a more enjoyable one. 

I would say, the night ended with a pretty bright sight. The Indians around my housing area, they were having this celebration for their God they pray to. And tonight, they were going around with musics and drum rolls. The van with the God in it was decorated with lights all over it and the rest of the people waked with the van. It wasn't long, I meant the scene. It was like a 3 minute thing, They came and then just went along to continue their drive around the housing area. Good thing is, I managed to take a few pictures! :D

The people with the drums. :)
The first van.

I think this is the van with the God. :)

And it went awayyyy. 
 I'm sure everyone of you enjoyed your new year's eve and new year's day. I could see many people posting up their pictures on facebook. Everyone seemed to have enjoy their new year's eve activities very much themselves. I'm looking forward to a new year, but on the other hand, I am also scared to go to school. I don't want to accept the fact that I am going to have to sit for SPM this year!! Scared scared!

Have a goodnight! :)
I'm so tired. Anyone wants to massage my shoulders for me? It hurts. >< 

Roxanne! <3