Sunday, January 16, 2011

In the month of January

"Were you people able to survive the first two weeks of 2011?" Andrian asked the BRATs.

Well, if you are eager to know how did I do in my first two weeks of the year, I'm about to tell you.

It's been a monotonous routine, I wake up every morning, have my early shower, grab some food, and head to school. In school, apart from having to stay in class for lessons, I'd be running around school, either to the library or to the teachers' office. If you say that's hectic enough, I must say, my day isn't over just yet. After school, I go for tuition classes, sometimes, it goes on until 8pm and by the time I finish my dinner and shower, I did be a half dead fish. Unfortunately, I still can't head to my bunks because I still have homework to rush for.

First two weeks, have just warming me up, I have to start getting used to this life I will be having. And so they say, it is just part and puzzle of this phase of your life.

When pupils of my age are just starting their engines and getting used to this hectic live, some pupil are already on their gears getting prepared to face SPM. On the second class of my chemistry tuition class, we got back out spot test paper after sitting for it on the first lesson. I got 12/20. I think that was a bad sign as there was this girl in the class who got 20/20. SERIOUSLY? 20/20? Is she a genius or something? And so, the discussion of the spot test went on, and in between, we kind of got a wake up call from our tutor. She said, it is time for all of us to BUCK UP! if your score is less that 15 you really need to be revising; at this rate, you're not going to get an A for Chemistry.

Don't think that others out there are not working their @$$es of. She said, she's quite surprised that among us that wrote on their facebook page stating that they never touched their books during the holidays are the ones that scored quite high marks for their Spot test. Funny eh? Don't think that just because others are not studying, you don't need to alright, she added. I must say, that woke me up. I mean, I really got to BUCK UP. But the thing is, I seriously have so little time in my hands!

No matter what, I must try my best. Start my engine and get geared.
Not forgetting, I still have to shop for my CNY clothes! XD

So, better get going. :P Hoping for the best for rest of January! :)

Have a pleasant JANUARY! :D

I thought it was some foreign language when I first saw it.
Then I figured that it's not. xD

Roxanne signing off. <3

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