Sunday, April 24, 2011

Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

We were given a Tour on Campus during our Taylor University Mag Boot Camp & I managed to snap a few shots of the place.

Enjoy the photos! :)

View of Block C, D, E from the office.

View from Block C where all the Lecture Halls are located.

Study Room opened 24/7.
Five storey LIBRARY. (How cool is that?!)

You will always remember to be silent because there's this BIG WORD all around the library.


Student's artwork.

Discussion room and in it, there's a big screen TV where you can connect your computer to.

Discussion/Computer Room.

Cute chairs all around library.
This is only one of them; there are many more types.

Now you know what I mean? XD

Can cater for 170 students.

I forgot what they call this room. But one thing about this room is; it's all WHITE!
& they have this glass board to write on. Can you see? It's on the right.

In their AudioRoom.
Students are only allowed to enter with a lecturer because that thing cost a BOMB!

The microphone.

Impressed yet? :D

Oh, btw. The price of the course is also very impressive. :P


How has your week been so far? :D Mid Year exams are coming up in two weeks' time, are you prepared?

Anyway, don't be stressed out okay! Here are some comedy episodes for you to watch and distress.
Waktu Rehat series on DISNEY CHANNEL 615. Malaysian teen actors. I can't stop laughing when I watch it.

One of the funny part on Season 2's episode 5-Syed the Hypnotist. "Gaga goo goo, Lala loo loo, Tik tok tik tok, dengar cakap aku!" says syed. He bought a 50cent book teaching him how to hypnotize people. He tried on this friends but none of them got hypnotized. However, he kept insisting that he can succeed. Being this good friends, they thought of something to make him give up on this ridiculous doing. And they were successful! "Gaga goo goo, lala loo loo, tik tok tik tok, DIA KENA TIPU!",  they shouted. XD

If you watch the rest of the episodes, you would see a prefect character. His name is Wai Chong in the show but his real life name is Nicholas Cheng and I got to MEET HIM! Celebrity oh! :D I got to do a press conference with him when I went to attend Taylor University Mag Boot Camp 2011 yesterday.

It was shoooo coool! Glad that I got to attend the workshop as I really learnt alot. Another thing that I must say is TAYLOR UNIVERSITY LAKESIDE CAMPUS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Love their library especially.
It is five storey high and the environment they have in the library is just so nice.

Give Taylor's University a visit if you're interested. :)

Here's a picture before I go. 


<3 Roxanne

Sunday, April 17, 2011

MSSD Basketball 2011

First of all, I would like to say; no regrets playing basketball this year. I had tons of fun although I thought that it wasn't really enough, 3 weeks; 2 weeks of training and 1 week of competition.

Actually, I stopped playing basketball after an injury that I had in form 2 but since this year is going to be my last year in high school, I decided to play instead. After all, it was my last chance to HAVE FUN with the gang. I must say, "dang! I miss basketball." Now I know why people always say, it's hard to give up something you love.

I went to seek a doctor to check on my injury and doctor says that I'm not fully recovered, and thus he adviced me not to play but I couldn't just give up on my team; so I played. I took the medication that he gave me, and went for training. One of the medication was collagen. I know some of you might wonder, isn't collagen for complexion? Well, it is, but it's also for cartilage. :) And fortunate enough, I didn't injure myself again. No serious pain so far. Hopefully it is a sign of good news.

Now that competition is over, I'm going to have to start my swimming exercise to heal my injury. LESS basketball for now, but I'm never going to give it up that's for sure. :D

Okay, now for more details about the competition. Both U18 Girls category and U18 Boys category got 1st runner up this year. :)

Our opponents were ARZEC & CHUNG HWA. CHUNG HWA PRIVATE in the cross group section, PULAU KETAM in semifinals and HIN HUA in the finals.

It was really sad that we couldn't win hin hua because the truth is, every year, we lose to Hin Hua. Oh well, we just got to accept it. As long as we did our best. :D Adding we had a few injured players on our team. :)

Xin Tian had bleeding nose after playing the match against Pulau Ketam.
Her blood didn't stop flowing and so we were debating on how to stop the bleeding nose.
She was in that position for at least 5 minutes before the blood stopped flowing.

Washing off the blood.
karate KICK! :D

Happily posing behind her. XD

Five of us, making ourselves comfortable at the side of the court before the U18 Boys' final match starts.

The sun didn't do us justice so we had to steal an umbrella from someone.

After taking our certificates and medals. :D

U18 Boys. 1st RUNNER UP! :)

We are sure to miss the times we had playing basketball together after tomorrow when everything has to go back to normal; classes as usual and no more skipping tuition classes.
Teacher was already saying that she is sure to miss us when we are going to stop looking for her in the office when Monday which is tomorrow comes.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS TO US! :D We did great! :)

Roxanne <3