Sunday, April 24, 2011

Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

We were given a Tour on Campus during our Taylor University Mag Boot Camp & I managed to snap a few shots of the place.

Enjoy the photos! :)

View of Block C, D, E from the office.

View from Block C where all the Lecture Halls are located.

Study Room opened 24/7.
Five storey LIBRARY. (How cool is that?!)

You will always remember to be silent because there's this BIG WORD all around the library.


Student's artwork.

Discussion room and in it, there's a big screen TV where you can connect your computer to.

Discussion/Computer Room.

Cute chairs all around library.
This is only one of them; there are many more types.

Now you know what I mean? XD

Can cater for 170 students.

I forgot what they call this room. But one thing about this room is; it's all WHITE!
& they have this glass board to write on. Can you see? It's on the right.

In their AudioRoom.
Students are only allowed to enter with a lecturer because that thing cost a BOMB!

The microphone.

Impressed yet? :D

Oh, btw. The price of the course is also very impressive. :P

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