Sunday, May 8, 2011


First of all, I would like to wish all mothers', HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! & not to forget, thank you for everything you have done. Without you, there wouldn't be us, here today.

It was a simple Mother's Day for my mom this year i guess. Didn't prepare much because I know you don't like fancy stuff so, since I didn't get her anything, I helped her with housework and been a good girl. I also drove her out for lunch okay. :P

Made specially for mummy. :) 

Okay, one last thing that i need to say before i go. Please mother nature, please bring down the temperature. I'm dying here. >< At this rate you're going, I think everyone is going to suffer. I know it is not your fault, EARTHLINGS, pleaseeeeeeee, if you don't want mother nature to torture us, don't torture her tooo.


We are the earthlings, we should be responsible.
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Always think green.

Don't just say it, DO IT.
No one else can PROTECT her except us.
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