Sunday, May 22, 2011

MSSS 2011 10th-13th of May

 The moment all of you have been waiting for! :D Here are the pictures of my basketball competition! If you really want to know, I missed some of my Mid Year Exams papers. Good news and bad news; good news is I didn't have to sit for the paper at that time, bad news is, I got to resit the papers I missed. However, I'm only going to resit for Biology. XD

The competition was held in Bandar Utama Damansara schools and we bunked at one of the motels, SMART hotel; where smart people live in Kota Damansara.

We became bored and started snapping pictures in the canteen after the competition while waiting for the open ceremony to begin.
My Teammates.
Getting high.
Big Smiles after the finals. :D

Waiting for our match.

Fooling around in the hotel room before going out for dinner.

A Bunch of crazy teammates.

Trying to get this lazy bum on her feet.

A photo with one of the teacher in-charge.

 I must say, one of the best memory that I can keep before I finish my high school life. Like how people always say, memories are the ones that last forever.

Better get back to my studies. One more week to enjoy my last mid year exam in high school and then I'll be freeeeee! I bet that you guys are also looking forward to holidays. :D Any plans?

I'm going to ALOR SETARRRRR! :D I'M REALLY EXCITED! See you soon, Alor Setar!

Last one of me and my TEAMMATES! <3 you guys! :)

 Take care! :)

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