Thursday, June 23, 2011

Millesime @ Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Have you been to Millesime? 

If you decide to dine at Millesime, you don't need to worry about what's on the menu as the chef-proprietor Max Chin has it all decided. 

All you need to do is take a sit, enjoy your wine and dinner will be served.

This is the table settings when I went there to celebrate my aunt's 60th birthday.

 The menu has been decided. :) 

My cousin sister and I, having our drink before the dinner. 

Warm bread with french butter. 
Best wholemeal bread i have ever tasted. 
Crispy at the side and soft in the middle. Yummm~

As said on the menu, 


Warm Duck breast with Avocado


Smoked Salmon Tartare with Blow Torched Sea Scallops
Roasted Potato and Leak Soup and Basil Oil

 Choice of main:

Braised Cod Fish Fillet with Prawn Skewer


Rack of Lamb Oven Roasted

Birthday Girl's Cake. 

And finally our dessert. 
The best part.

There's the other part of the plate but couldn't get a nice shot. 

Valrhona Chocolate Souffle. (MY FAV)
Hazelnut Ice cream with Rum Berries and Strawberry.

You're lucky! I manage to find a picture of the Chocolate Souffle! 

Different wines to go with different dishes. 
I didn't know fine dining was THAT particular.

Cute nieces with my handsome cousin brother. :D 

It was a great night. 

Happy Birthday, Auntie Giok! 


Thursday, June 9, 2011

MTV Movie Awards 2011

Ok! Just so you know, I won 2 MTV Movie Awards Screening tickets from R.AGE.
On the 6th of June, Pamela, Pamela's Sister, Zhiming, GuoHao, and I took the bus down to Sunway Pyramid.

From our seats in TGV Cinema.

Our tickets. 

She's so so so prettyyyy.
She came over to give out the lucky draw gifts. :)
Unfortunately, I didn't have my lucky star with me.

After the screening, I took off while the rest of them stayed back for a while more before going to Jaben to check out earphones!  I was suppose to join them too, but I had driving lessons which was cancelled last minute because my driving instructor had to go to the hospital. I was quite upset because of the last minute cancellation at first but then I thought that I should have simpathy for him. 

I wouldn't be able to take my driving test tomorrow if I didn't have driving lessons but luckily uncle manage to teach me within two days. Therefore, I WILL BE SITTING FOR DRIVING TEST TOMORROW! :)

Let's hope for the best because I might not have time to resit when school reopens. So, wish me luck aite! 

Oh yeah, one more thing that I hope for good news is my AFS application. I was called for an interview last Tuesday. I would say that it went pretty smoothly. :D


Roxanne. <3

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Updates from BRATs Alor Star 2011

BRATs taking on their 2nd assignment at one of the padi field in Kampung Teluk Talipon, Kuala Kedah. 

My group with the family that owns one part of the padi field. :)

One of the few favoute shots I took at the padi field.
A picture of the padi leaves from bottom. :)

Anyway, stay tuned to their stories on R.AGE really soon okay! 
Get to know what they do on twitter hashtag #bratsalorstar or follow @starbrats. :) 

It's 1.45am and we are still awake; they are still not done with their assignments.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

BRATs Alor Star 2011

I know I have been MIA for a while, sorry to keep you guys waiting.

The truth is, I have been pretty busy these past few days. I went to cameron with my AWESOME LIBRARIANS last Saturday till Monday & I'm currently in Alor Star senioring BRATs Alor Star 2011 Workshop. 

I bet the first thing that pop into your mind is, how much more busier can this girl GET??! haha. Well, there are good side and bad side okay. :) 

The good side is, I get to meet another new bunch of BRATs and also help R.AGE out. Bad side is, I don't get to study(I am not a nerd ok, it's just, my parents are kinda giving me pressure already and it doesn't feel good.) Whatever it is, let's not talk about studies because since I have already made a choice to come to Alor Star, I'm not going to regret it.

Anyway, meet the new batch of BRATs! 

Signing off now. Will be leaving for Kedah Laksa in a while more. TTFN! :)