Thursday, June 23, 2011

Millesime @ Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Have you been to Millesime? 

If you decide to dine at Millesime, you don't need to worry about what's on the menu as the chef-proprietor Max Chin has it all decided. 

All you need to do is take a sit, enjoy your wine and dinner will be served.

This is the table settings when I went there to celebrate my aunt's 60th birthday.

 The menu has been decided. :) 

My cousin sister and I, having our drink before the dinner. 

Warm bread with french butter. 
Best wholemeal bread i have ever tasted. 
Crispy at the side and soft in the middle. Yummm~

As said on the menu, 


Warm Duck breast with Avocado


Smoked Salmon Tartare with Blow Torched Sea Scallops
Roasted Potato and Leak Soup and Basil Oil

 Choice of main:

Braised Cod Fish Fillet with Prawn Skewer


Rack of Lamb Oven Roasted

Birthday Girl's Cake. 

And finally our dessert. 
The best part.

There's the other part of the plate but couldn't get a nice shot. 

Valrhona Chocolate Souffle. (MY FAV)
Hazelnut Ice cream with Rum Berries and Strawberry.

You're lucky! I manage to find a picture of the Chocolate Souffle! 

Different wines to go with different dishes. 
I didn't know fine dining was THAT particular.

Cute nieces with my handsome cousin brother. :D 

It was a great night. 

Happy Birthday, Auntie Giok! 


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