Thursday, June 9, 2011

MTV Movie Awards 2011

Ok! Just so you know, I won 2 MTV Movie Awards Screening tickets from R.AGE.
On the 6th of June, Pamela, Pamela's Sister, Zhiming, GuoHao, and I took the bus down to Sunway Pyramid.

From our seats in TGV Cinema.

Our tickets. 

She's so so so prettyyyy.
She came over to give out the lucky draw gifts. :)
Unfortunately, I didn't have my lucky star with me.

After the screening, I took off while the rest of them stayed back for a while more before going to Jaben to check out earphones!  I was suppose to join them too, but I had driving lessons which was cancelled last minute because my driving instructor had to go to the hospital. I was quite upset because of the last minute cancellation at first but then I thought that I should have simpathy for him. 

I wouldn't be able to take my driving test tomorrow if I didn't have driving lessons but luckily uncle manage to teach me within two days. Therefore, I WILL BE SITTING FOR DRIVING TEST TOMORROW! :)

Let's hope for the best because I might not have time to resit when school reopens. So, wish me luck aite! 

Oh yeah, one more thing that I hope for good news is my AFS application. I was called for an interview last Tuesday. I would say that it went pretty smoothly. :D


Roxanne. <3