Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mike Horn - The man that introduced the Pangaea.

 Hey guys! I have a very interesting something to share with you guys.

This man here, has explored the world for over 20 years and is now inspiring young adults to follow his foot steps in protecting the world. Every year since 2008, he has brought many young teenagers of an age group of 15-20yrs around the world on the Pangaea to Explore. Learn. Act.

At the first look at his website and journals, I really do admire and look up to him; his courage and determination to save the world for the well being of its future. It's so amazing.

Please check out the MIKE HORN website. You can get all the information on their expedition there. They have so many stories to tell, so much experience to share and so plenty more to do to reach out to the people of the world.

Let's all of us be like them, act to save the world.

The Pangaea

Here, I managed to find one of his video. :)

Check out more of his amazing videos here.

An inspired teenager,

For now, one of my dreams is to actually meet Mike Horn one day in the future.  :)


  1. Me too!We could make it the Brats project we have all been looking out for!!
    I know it's not very original since it's a;ready been published.In fact, I searched him up and the website today after reading the papers and I'm realllyy interested and I'd love to volunteer/participate/whatever it is that they want me to do!!

  2. Nachatira Brats KuantanSeptember 7, 2011 at 9:59 PM

    sorry.the previous comment was me.Anonymous is my habit :D

  3. Hi Nachatira! :D

    I read the article in school today and immediately got on the computer to search for it when i got home. XD

    Would love to do it too! Let's source some information first. :)