Thursday, December 27, 2012

Die gehoert mir ;)

Papa, Mama, Oma Baasch und ich.

Darf ich euch vorstellen, das hier ist meine Familie Baasch. Meine Deutsch Familie, die ich fuer immer liebe werde.

Ich danke euch fuer alle die schoene Zeit, die ich mit euch verbracht habe. Ich werde mich an diese Zeit immer gerne erinnern. Ich kann nur sagen, dass ihr wohl in meinem Leben ganz schoen fehlen werdet, wenn ich wieder zu Hause in Malaysia bin.

Papa, Mama, Oma, Onkeln, Tanten, Cousin & Cousinen ich werde euch ganz doll vermissen!

Das schlimmste, was ich bald tun muss, ist, mich von euch zu verabschieden. Jedes Mal, wenn ich an den Abschied denke, werde ich sehr traurig, weil ich weiss, dass ich euch verlassen muss. :'( Wenn ich einen Wunsch frei haette, wuerde ich mir wuenschen, dass der 12. Januar nie kommt.

Ich habe nur eine Hoffnung, dass ich euch irgendwann noch besuchen kann. ;)

Ich hab euch lieb! < 3

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

Christmas is almost here! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday period!

This year, it is my first Christmas celebration ever. Trust me, nothing can be better than a first real Christmas celebration with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, plenty of Christmas presents and touching Christmas movies at my Baasch family. :)

It is really wonderful!

Last Friday was my last day of school before the holiday period and since then, I have just been enjoying my holiday under my warm blanket, watching movies while having a cup of hot chocolate milk with cookies that we have baked. I have been seriously gaining pounds by the day, but who cares. :D I'm gonna enjoy my last few days here. :P

I totally feel like I'm living a Christmas Fairytale, like in those Christmas movies, you know? :)

Now, I finally understand how beautiful the Christmas celebration is. 

I never actually celebrated Christmas back home with my family but I guess that I still know abit on how Christmas is celebrated in Malaysia. Unfortunately, we don't have snow, so we never have White Christmas like they do here. We don't have real Christmas trees, so we only get those made out of plastic.

However, the cool thing we have back in Malaysia are lots of Christmas decorations in Shopping malls. Believe me, those people really put lots of effort into those Christmas decorations. In some big Shopping malls, the Christmas decorations are really enormous and perfected to the very last detail. During this Christmas period, you will find lots of people going to the malls to appreciate the wonderful deco. Actually, they are made out of synthetic stuff but most importantly they do give you the feeling of Christmas!

Not only that, just like they do it here, we also have Christmas meal gathering with family and friends. I know that because I have been invited a couple of times to Christmas lunch at my far uncle&aunty's place for Christmas lunch! I really enjoyed the Christmas party with great company and most fine home-cooked turkey and sweeeet desserts.

So actually, Christmas celebration is quite cool too, in Malaysia. :D

Seriously, I am pretty excited about my first Christmas this year. I am quite certain it is going to be an unforgettable one! (:

My wish for Christmas this year would be a snowy white Christmas! It is quite impossible according to the Weather forecast but a kid can still wish right? :)

Santa, would you please let it snow for me? I really want to experience a white Christmas! I want to build a snowman and go sleighing!

Anyway, it's gonna be a long day today! We are going to the church and then for dinner at my uncle's place!
So, have a great time, people!


Monday, December 17, 2012

A day with my girl. :)

You won't be able to imagine how lucky I feel to have met you.

Thank you for being there for me,
thank you for being my ears, my shoulder, my friend.

This is my girl, Acelya!
You know that I'm going to miss you so dearly when I depart.  I wish I could stay here, I wish I never needed to go.

No matter how far apart we are, you will always be on my mind. :)

Take care of yourself when I'm gone. :)

Do you hear me play?
 I play this song for you.

I have always wanted to play the guitar and yesterdayI finally got the chance to. Acelya thought me some chords and I very quickly I could play the first party of Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.

Instead of always waiting for someone to play a song for me, I shall play for that special one and myself. :)

This song is for you,  my dear.

Do what you love and love what you do. Just follow your heart.  :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My End-Of-Stay Camp

Thanks to my lovely brother, I finally got my photo problem fixed! At least for now it is. :D 

As you all know, it has been snowing for the past two weeks in Germany. South of Germany got most of the snow before us, but finally one and a half weeks ago, North Germany started snowing really heavy as the snow came from England.

According to my brother who lives in England, it was snowing really heavily there too. And it never snowed that heavily like it recently did for quite some time now.

The first weekend it snowed, I was attending my (unfortunately) last AFS Camp in Bad Oldesloe with all the ones that I met back at my first camp. Trust me, I was totally glad to see them all again!

One word to describe my last camp? UNFORGETTABLE.

It was a freakin' awesome weekend. We had workshops, played games, caught up with each other....

Funny thing, we might not have really close contact with each other but in someways we could really bond. You know what I mean? I guess that it is because we helped each other through those tough times and we should all be damn proud of ourselves for not giving up!

We made it, guys! We made it till the end! =D

Doing the Funky Chicken outside.

Snowballfight! Schneeballschlacht!

Watch out guys, the girls are ready for war!

We are a really small group compared to groups in South Germany.


Thailand. Japan. Columbia. Brazil.

Thanks for helping me through those hard times.. :)

Bad Oldesloe train station.

Great lightings, great atmosphere, most importantly great company.
 We went to a Christmas Market on the second night and so beautiful as the lights lighted up the dark and cold winter night.

They are so crazy but yet I love them. :)

The beautiful Sakura from Japan. (:
Right from the beginning, she taught me to always have courage.

Sometimes, I find myself loss of words to describe how happy I feel. That's why I would use pictures to express myself.

My time in Germany is very limited now. For the past 10 months, I have grown to live and love it here. Thus, it is going to be utterly hard leave everything behind and say goodbye to this wonderful exchange year and this second home of mine. How I wish I had superpower that could stop time whenever I want...

This year has been the best thing that could have ever happened in my life. I cherish every second of it, I cherish every tear shed and laughter shared, I cherish all the roller coaster ride that made me who I am today.

In this period of time, I sure did change in my appearance, in my thinking and my personality, be it good or bad, a lot or little, I accept those changes for they are what make me who I am today.


Goodnight Germany & Good morning Malaysia!

Signing off,

Monday, December 10, 2012

SOS in need!

Hello! I know that I have been absent for a very long time but I can promise you that there is a very good reason for it.

First of all, I want to say that I'm doing good. Not to worry. In fact, I'm totally enjoying the Winter here in Germany! It is actually snowing here! It is so unbelievable beautiful and I wish you could be here with me to experience it.

This isn't my first time seeing snow but despite of that, I still feel like the luckiest and happiest kid on earth when it snows and the whole place is covered with snow.

Not only that, people here are starting to prepare for Christmas already! 2 more weeks and it is Christmasssss! There are Christmas markets-Weihnachsmaerkte they call it here where all kinds of stalls selling different things from food to decoration..., then there was also Nikolaus Tag  last Thursday where I got lots of chocolate in my socks,  there is Adventskalender where the children can open a little gift prepared each day until Christmas and lastly there's the four Advents day where they light up one candle each time until Christmas arrives.

I have taken so many photos to show you but unfortunately I can't upload them on my blog. Something is just not functioning. It says my storage is full and I need to update to a premium package with large storage size. Has anyone gone through this problem before? Can someone please advice what I can do to solve this problem?

The quicker I solve this problem, the quicker I can upload all these beautiful pictures for you! =D

Drop me a message if you have an idea how I can solve this problem of mine.! Will really appreciate it! :)


Monday, November 19, 2012

Going shopping on Blades

Skating on the rooftop car park of SchleswigHolstein Centre.

At Newyorkers

Shopping on blades like a boss! :p

You guys must totally agree that ROLLER BLADING IS COOL! Going shopping in them is even COOLER! :p

In a few more weeks, I will be heading back home. I really can't believe that 8 months went by just like that. It seems like only yesterday, that I arrived in Germany.

Though I am excited to go home and see my friends and family again, I am not ready to leave Germany yet. I have found my second home here; my host families--the Baasch and the Seelig, my awesomazing friends from school and sportsclubs, my friends from all over the world... I don't want to leave them! :'(

Well, I obviously cannot just stay here as I like. Life goes on but the memories of this exchange year of mine will forever and ever be with me. I am going to miss everything here so dearly...

... OK, I better stop here. I am gonna keep this emotional-departure-post for later.

I am just gonna enjoy the remaining days I have here... :)

Time, please slow down for me...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Me Amigas!

Happy 17th Birthday to my Mexican girlfriend! :D

At Cheyenne Club, IZ.
They Rock!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Breakfast with a special guest!


It's Sunday and I hope you guys enjoyed a nice relaxing breakfast.
Because I did! 
Now, guess who else did? 

Watcha looking at?

Nyom nyom nyom! Lekarrrr!

Davi my parrot joined us for breakfast. And while mama was not paying attention, she stole her slice of bread with yummy cream cheese on it. :D She just continue to help herself with it although we were sitting there at the table looking at her.

It didn't take long before she finished the breakfast. I bet that she was fully satisfied with the breakfast she got today! :D

So, this is a short post on my Breakfast with my Parrot! :)

Hope all of you enjoy your remaining weekend!! Ciao!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

When the Autumn leaves fall...

 ... they leave prints on the path that we walk,

give new shades to the dull ground, 

& accustom us to the cold gloomy weather that awaits.

Since I arrived in Germany end of February this year, I have experienced all kinds of weather mood swings. Although there were days when the weather wasn't not very comfortable, there were also days that were just so fine to not appreciate and enjoy.

So far, I have shivered to generate heat to keep me warm through the cold end-of-winter weather, watched the  flowers stuck out their little heads out of the ground to witness the cheerful Spring and even gotten a few extra freckles from the temporal sunshine during the rainy Summer. And now, I am totally feeling the chilly but yet in some way beautiful, Autumn. 

The Autumn season is just as lovely as the Spring and Summer that I recently experienced.

As Autumn came, the once so lively-looking green leaves gradually turned orangy-yellow and one by one, they let go of the branch they have always held so tightly. They leave the trees looking bare but on the other hand, they bring a new shade of colour to our surroundings.

You can't imagine how much I wish that you guys could be here too to enjoy this stunning scenery with me now... But I took some photos to show you guys and hope they give you a picture of how Autumn looks like.

Autumn has brought along many wet and gloomy days. Often even, cold chilly wind that can be really uncomfortable. But I guess, it is just its way of preparing us for the rough NorthGermany Winter. :D

Not only that, the days are getting shorter each day. The clock on my bedside table may show 4 in the evening but darkness outside my window confuses me every single time. I still can't get used to this short daylight phenomenon. Sometimes, I feel like calling it a day and crawl into bed at 7 already only because it feels like 10 or 11 in the night.

I think that it is one very beautiful thing to be able to experience all the four seasons in a year. This year is the first time ever for me but I definitely hope that it won't be my last. Although the temperature has been low most of the time, I kind of enjoy dressing myself up in layers of warm clothes and feeling excited about the season change.

There is one valuable lesson I learned about the four seasons, do things that can be done in that season. For example, when Spring arrives, get your bum off the couch and go outside to catch some the sunshine! Admire the flowers before they all witter away after the season! Or, grab the seasonal food as soon as you can get your hands on them! Because, if you don't, you are going to have to wait another 12 months before you can get a taste of them again!

I must admit that due to my lack of experience, I have missed out some opportunities to do some things that I enjoy doing like going kayaking in the river, playing hockey on the green field... I thought that, ahh, I still have lots of time to do it later on. Now, I am not going to be able to do those activities anymore since the weather has gotten really cold these days.
After this Autumn comes Winter next. I am totally excited about greeting Winter! I am not quite sure if I am going to be able to bear the cold weather but I can't wait to wake up on one winter morning and have a glance of a snow white view from my window or go outside for a snowball fight!! :D 

In German, I would say, Ich freue mich schon auf Winter! , that means, I am sure looking forward to Winter already! :)

As for now, I shall first appreciate the falls. Here's a nice sentence on the falls;

A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer's wave goodbye... (:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

An International Birthday Party

How cool it would be, if I got the chance to celebrate my birthday here in Germany....

Today, I attended a birthday party of a friend of mine. She is an exchange student just like me. She comes from Xiamen, China. :D She officially turns sweet sixteen!

A birthday party consisting of Germans, American, Malaysia, Italian and of course herself being a Chinese from China. The party was celebrated with some close relatives and friends but can this party be any cooler with people from all over the world?! 

Germans. American. Italian. Malaysian. Chinese.

Exchange students UNITE!
Friendship always starts strangers meeting, getting to know each other and start building a strong bond with each other.

The world we live in today is so big yet so small that you never know who you might meet in the corner of the earth that where you are. In the last eight months being in Germany on this exchange program, I have met so many people from different parts of the world. We are of different nationalities, backgrounds and culture but the thing we all have in common is, we are just trying to live and enjoy our lives to the fullest and discover more of this beautiful world.

The thing is, it is never boring to meet new people because you never know what kind of interesting things you can actually discover when you start talking and exchange knowledge with them.

I am really glad to have gotten the opportunity to meet all of the other exchange students today! :)

If I were to celebrate my sixteenth birthday here, my greatest birthday present would be to be on this awesomemazing exchange program.

I didn't have any doubts before coming for this exchange program, neither do I have any doubts while being on this exchange program because participating in this exchange program has been the best decision I have made in my life. I am very lucky to be given this opportunity to participate in this life changing program.

I would like to thank my parents and my siblings for the support for me to go on this program.Not forgetting, AFS, the organisation I am with for this exchange program for the given opportunity.

I have been put through all kinds of situations, some that I don't think you can ever imagine, but it was because of them that I have seen and learned so much. One thing I know for sure is that they certainly have shaped me good in one way or the other. :)

Before I end, I would like to wish Sibei again, HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN! I hope you enjoyed our company and your many presents that will keep you well prepared for the COLD German Winter. :D


Friday, October 12, 2012

I am a Kid!

I completed my Learning on Job at the Dorf Kindergarten which is located near my house. It was only a short period of time, only five days but it sure was a fun and memorable time spent with the children.

At the kindergarten, I learned that children should be allowed to be children; be themselves and most importantly, let their curiosity take them around to discover this amazing world that they live in.

During the time that I was there, I spend a lot of time playing with the children indoor and also outdoor.

Here, they believe that the best way for the children to learn is through playing and doing activities.

Therefore, they don't conduct scheduled lessons to teach the children German, Mathematics, Music or anything like these subjects but simply just fun games kind of activities that the children can learn through participating. We did lots activities with the children, mainly, singing, drawing, doing handcrafts works, cooking and sports.

For the children here, they only start their proper classroom lessons when they attend Grundschule which is equivalent to primary school. 

Kindergarten classes normally end by noon unless the children have what they call Spätdienst here, where the children stay back for another two hours until 2pm. And before classes end, the children are allowed to go out of the room and play if the weather is fine.

There are 13 children in this Kindergarten (ages from two and a half to six) and the children play around with each other most of the time. Only during certain activities will the children be divided into groups according to their age groups so that the teachers can handle and work with the children more effectively.

The children here really taught me how to be a kid and how a kid should be allowed to play and enjoy his childhood :)

The children doing handcraft together.
Playing the game 'Freeze'.
" Can you please swing us, Roxanne."
Ich will auch eine Brücke, bitte!  I want a bridge too, please!
Woahhh~ Ich fühle mich schwindlig.. Woahh~  I'm feeling dizzy.
Schlusskreis! End of school circle.
Autos, autos! Cars!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekend at the cow farm

Last Saturday, I visited an exchange student, Si Bei from China who just came this Summer. Actually, we both planned to meet up in my town and maybe do something together but then I changed my mind and decided to go to her house instead.

Si Bei lives with the Lüdemann family who owns a cow farm. That's is the reason why, last weekend, I got the chance to finally experience working in a cow farm.

Now, I can tick off another thing on my To Do List In Deutschland! 

It was raining outside when I woke up on Saturday morning. At first, I was having second thoughts about going over to Si Bei's place but then my host mom convinced me to go over anyway.

So, I took her advice and got myself all dressed to work at a farm. I prepared myself well, I even packed along my rain jacket and rubber boots for any possible rough wetter.

The exciting day started of with Si Bei's host dad taking us on the tractor to pick up the cows from the field around 15 minutes away from where they lived in the afternoon.

On the way to the field, he was explaining to me that the cows are normally left out on the field for a period of time before they are brought back again to the stable when the weather gets colder.

This tractor here is actually meant for only one person, which is the driver but then her host dad took Si Bei and I on it. Yeah, you can probably imagine how cram it was inside the tractor. It was so uncomfortable as I only had a small little area on the side of the door of the tractor to lean on in the tractor. But I was all excited to see how the cows the brought back to the stable that I didn't really care about my comfort.

At first, when he parked the tractor by the entrance to the fenced field, I thought, oh, now we were going to have to walk all the way to the end of the field to bring the cows to us. 

The cows are at the far end of the field. See the white and black figure there? 
However, it turned out that all we had to do was to stand there and just wait, wait for the cows to come.

Mr. Lüdemann and Si Bei chatting while waiting for the cows.
Don't worry if you don't understand what I mean by waiting for the cows.
I was quite confused myself when Mr. Lüdemann told me that.
I was wondering to myself, are the cows really going to come to us on their by themselves? How would they know that it is time to go home?

LOOK! They actually came running towards where we stood!
Can you actually believe it? HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

I really had no idea cows were that intelligent!

Let's go home~
According to Mr. Lüdemann, the cows will come to us because they are curious to find out what was the commotion going around them.

The first batch of cows heading back home.

The remaining cows waiting patiently for the tractor to return for them.

Our  Rubber boots! Extremely practical for the job and also the rainy weather.

Second batch getting on the animal transporter.

"Na komm! Komm!"

Host brother and host mom helping out.

Heading back to Home Sweet Home~

The very experienced farmer concentrating on the road.
Mr. Lüdemann has been doing this job since he was a little boy and now, he has taken over the family's business. 

Some of the cows outside.

The cows in their stable.

"HEY, wad ya looking at, kid?" :D

After tea break, we, the kids went out to play at the playground nearby. I tried cycling on a two rider bicycle for the first time. It is really not as easy as it looks.

You have to be really synchronized with the driver on the pedal because there is only one long chain connecting the two pedals together. Besides that, you have to really trust the person on the bicycle handles and let him steer the bicycle because at the back seat, all you can see is the back of the head of the person in front of you.

Next up, the highlight of the day; MILKING!

There are almost a hundred cows in the farm so obviously they need some help of the machines. But even with the aid of machines, there was still quite a lot to do during the milking process.

 Before putting on the Milchansauger Anlager (Milk-sucker machine), the Zitzen (Tits) of the cow has to be wiped with a clean cloth and milk a few times to make sure the milk can flow out smoothly.

Squeezeeeee!!! :D
After the cow is done with the milking process, we have to do stippen (dipping) on the titts of the cow with antiseptikum (antiseptic) to prevent any unwanted infections.

Rinsing the Milk-sucker Machine.
For hygiene purposes, the Milk-sucker machine is rinsed after each milking process.

Oh, that is not all our work when milking. We also had to be always prepared for any 'open pipe' (the sound of the cow peeing is like the sound of an open pipe)! XD The cows will just suddenly pee without giving you any heads up, so, if you are unlucky enough to stand right behind it, then congratulations! =D But of course, you get used to these stuff when you work there every single day. Besides that, you always have an apron on when you are working.

Next, we proceeded on to the other part of the job at the cow farm; feeding the calves!

Filling up the milk in the buckets for the calves.
Here, they use milk powder to prepare the milk for the calves instead of the fresh milk because there contain more mineral in the milk powder compared to the fresh milk.

Look at this hungry little cow.

Don't they look cute? :D

Little calve sucking on the 'milk bucket'.
Day in and day out, there is always something to do in at the farm; the cows have to be milked twice a day (one at five in the morning and one at 4 in the evening which each milking session takes up around 3 hours), the calves and cows have to be fed daily and children to take care of. There is just not a day off for the farmer and this wife.

So, I hope that after reading this, you now know how much work there is in producing the milk that you drink. Milk don't just appear out of thin air, there are lots more of work behind it.

I, myself am really glad that I made the decision to go to the farm for otherwise, I would have missed out all these interesting things that I got to do at the  Bauenhof (farm house).