Thursday, February 9, 2012

15 days left and counting...

After sending both my brothers off, it is soon my turn to leave.

I have roughly 2 weeks before I leave to a foreign country. Many students on the AFS program have also left to their respective countries. What makes me eager to depart is to see photos of them on facebook having fun there in their country. The sight comforts me as it tells me that everything is going to be fine I will  have a great time during my stay too!

You must be wondering how have I been spending my last few days in Malaysia.

Well, first of all, I have been sitting behind my computer preparing a slide show presentation to introduce my friends in school my lovely country Malaysia! Now that I have collected so many pictures, I don't even know if I will have enough time to show it to them! No matter what, I have prepared them just in case their got too curious about Malaysia, at least then I will have pictures to entertain them about my country.

Next thing on my list of 'things to do' is pack my luggage. As I said in my previous post, I was suppose to write a post on packing my luggage, but there is some technical problem, so I'm having some trouble transferring pictures from my phone. Worry not, I will do it as soon as the problem is solve. :D

I have put most of my things that I need into the luggage but the problem is, I only have 20kg weight allowance! I am not even done with packing and guess how much my luggage weights now? 17 KG!!!! I'm seriously doomed this time! Fortunately for me, my host family have some winter clothing that I can borrow if it gets too cold, which means, I won't need to carry all heavy and bulky winter clothing so survive the cold weather. So,  it is going to be up to me how I fit everything into my tiny luggage.

I will also have to get some souvenirs before I leave. I'm hoping that Tourism Malaysia will be generous enough to sponsor me souvenirs to give my friends in Germany. That will surely save some cost.

Apart from packing and working on my presentation, something that I look forward this Saturday is a picnic at Sentul Park with the rest of the AFSers! I have never been to Sentul Park, but I heard the place is beautiful. Will see then!

I will take some pictures to show you guys! ;)

Before I go, here's something that I would like to say,

I'm sure going to miss this place. <3

For this one year, I am an ambassador of Malaysia going to Germany on an exchange program and I make this cultural exchange the best and the most unforgettable one!

See you soon, Germany! :D

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